Happy Blog 5th Birthday!

1. 2.. 3… 4…. 5! Five years ago today I sat in-front of a blank white screen and wrote A blog is born.

I’m happy I did not ponder for too long and got this started when I did because this online blogging journey made a big difference for me and what’s more important – it made a difference to many of you, my followers, as well. I know this from all the great feedback you been sending me during the past five years, which in turn fueled my efforts to keep going.


Thank you for doing so, and I hope we can keep this going for a long time more. As things slow down during August, most of you are probably out vacationing and taking time off with your family and loved ones and so and I wish you all the best and lots of fun. The month of August also marks the birth of this blog – This day 5 years ago to be exact! The blog kept growing and gaining momentum in the past year with the Facebook Fan Page passing the 50,000 mark this week. I plan to keep the momentum going strong, hoping I can celebrate many more such birthdays for this blog and keep providing you all the best place to find information, share & learn about Architectural Visualization.

This year I’m celebrating the birthday in partnership with my great sponsors and there will be a series of Giveaways and Promotions during the month of August entering September!

The Giveaways

Here’s a quick rundown of what to expect in the next 2 weeks… each one will have a post put up soon with more information about how the giveaways work.

Grant Warwick Promotion

You can get both of Grant’s courses at $50 off list price until the end of August. The bundle is also up for grabs this way and all students should know you always have a huge discount – just contact Grant on his site to get it.

Grant Warwick's Mastering V-Ray Curriculum10322497_250863111763509_697555432878244467_n

Use Coupon ronenvr for Mastering V-Ray

Use Coupon ronenhs for Mastering Hard Surface

Use Coupon ronenhs+vr for The Bundle!

iToo Software Promotion

During the Blog Birthday, iToo Software are offering a 15% Discount on Forest Pack, RailClone 2 and the Bundle purchases of 1 year licenses until Sunday the 24th the 31st 23:59 GMT+2. Just make sure to use the coupon code BIRTHDAY5 at checkout or just use this links here (coupon code already applied to them).


model+model Promotion

All my followers can enjoy a 15% discount at model+model by using coupon code : HAPPYRONEN on checkout 😉


AXYZ Design Promotion

During the Blog Birthday, AXYZ Design are offering 15% Discount on all store items until August 31st. Anima 1.7 just came out and in addition to current features, like simple crowd creation with hundreds of animated characters, and the ability to add escalators and moving walkways with animated people, AXYZ design is introducing some brand new features like A Collada Exporter that will allow artists to use an(i)ma with any 3d application that supports Collada importing. Animations can be imported as Bones, Point Cache (Mdd or Pc2).


That’s about it for now… Short and Sweet. Stay tuned for the first Giveaway 😉

And for great things to come during the blog’s 6th year… WOW!

Yours truly,


  • Reinier

    Happy Birthday..!!!
    And many thanks for this great platform!

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    Nice work man! Happy B-Day

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    Happy birthday, keep up the great work, and all the best from whole of Case-3D team man! :)))

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    Congratulations to the most successful online blog !! This place helps so many artists and because they draw information and inspiration. 
    Good luck and I wish many more years of creative content and excellent helpful

    oren leventar

  • Phil Buerer

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And yes, thank you!

  • ZoranGorski

    Congratulations my friend! You really made something worth for all the comunity.Your dedication and passion got the best possible response as your blog has become one of the most important arch viz reference points.
    Wish you all the best !!!


  • Zoran Gorski

    Congratulations my friend! You really made something worth for all the comunity.Your dedication and passion got the best possible response as your blog has become one of the most important arch viz reference points.
    Wish you all the best !!!

  • RonAdriaanse

    Congratulations Ronen! I’m visiting your blog every day since a year now and plan to keep following it for many more years to come.

  • nasirraisani

    ronenbekerman #Happy Birthday

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    15th Aug. Same as our Independence day. Nice coincidence!

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    it’s been a great read all those years! keep going please…

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    Great man! Hearty congratulations! Its been five years!! And proud to be on your blog this year! Best wishes 🙂

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    great, dude!!! We celebrate! Hope this becomes 50 birthdays in the future

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    Happy birthday! Ronen, you’ve been doing such a great work here – please, keep on!
    Nikolay Katsarov

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    5star 🙂 for 5 year …..for this Great Blog. we all learn & inspire from this Blog. & Keep Pushing Blog Further more bcoz we 3D Artist want more & more stuff ! Thank u Ronen Sir….:)

  • Happy Birthday ronenbekerman !!

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    Woow..time is really flying, but some things are solid and their quality stands out regardless the time.. 
    Congratulations my Friend!! Happy B-Day!!

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  • happy birthday Ronen Blog 😉
    hope still for many many years inspire us 😉

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    Wow 5 years is like 50 years in non i-net time so congrats!

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    Congrats Ronen! One of the best sites in the field, always checking in.
    Happy birthday and fore a lot more years!

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    Happy birthday Ronen and thank you so much for all. Learned so much thanks to you! Congratulations! : -)

  • Congrats Ronen! Your Blog is a part of my daily life, where I’ve learned so much from, and which has always been a great source of inspiration for me!! Keep it up!!

  • Reinier Thanks a lot and best of luck in the ArchVIZ World… Welcome 😉

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  • You ROCK!

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  • Thanks Phil and keep on sharing great stuff like the recent one you did – http://www.ronenbekerman.com/making-of-stadtpark-biel/ 😉

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  • @giacomoabba ronenbekerman You ROCK!

  • Many thanks my friend 😉 FIVE YEARS – YES! Time goes by so fast. You should be proud, it is great stuff you are doing : http://www.ronenbekerman.com/firefly-cottage-ifthikhar/

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  • I wonder what the world and BIZ will be like in 50! Thanks dude 😉

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    Go straight.

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  • Omri Ron ronenbekerman Omri Omri Omri 😉 Thanks my friend – Looking forward doing great stuff 😉

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    ronenbekerman lasse1309 hope to make it there 🙂 unfortunatley we’ve been a bit late on registrating for AD… well if they make it BIGGER we are in 😛 (but will be in venice at that time anyway) see ya!

  • lasse1309

    ronenbekerman lasse1309 hope to make it there 🙂 unfortunatley we’ve been a bit late on registrating for AD… well if they make it BIGGER we are in 😛 (but will be in venice at that time anyway) see ya!

  • ronenbekerman Omri Ron definitely!

  • ronenbekerman Omri Ron definitely!

  • ronenbekerman Omri Ron definitely!

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  • First Giveaway is live – Design Connected go enter! http://www.ronenbekerman.com/designconnected-birthday-5-giveaway/

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  • mindflux You make my Mind Flux 😉 Thanks!!

  • mindflux You make my Mind Flux 😉 Thanks!!

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  • iToo Software 15% Discount Promotion is live during the Blog Birthday – Check out the details above in the post 😉 Image below by Bertrand Benoit.

  • AXYZ Design 15% Discount Promotion is live during the Blog Birthday too 😉 check it out at – http://www.ronenbekerman.com/go/axyz-design/

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  • Making sure you all know that itoosoft promo keeps on running until the end of August 😉