Happy Blog 4th Birthday!

Things slow down during August. Most of you are probably out vacationing and I wish you all the best and lots of fun. August also marks the birth of this blog – This day 4 years ago to be exact! The blog kept growing and gaining momentum in the past year with the Facebook Fan Page passing the 25,000 mark this week. I plan to keep the momentum going strong, hoping I can celebrate many more such birthdays for this blog and keep providing you all the best place to find information, share & learn about Architectural Visualization.

I owe a big THANKS to you all, my readers, followers & sponsors! Without you this wouldn’t be possible. Celebrating the birthday in partnership with my great sponsors there will be 5+ Giveaways during the month of August entering September!

The Giveaways

Here’s a quick rundown of what to expect in the next 2 weeks… each one will have a post put up soon with more information about how the giveaways work.


Designconnected will be giving away 15 models to a random winner + 15 models to a best image submitted showcasing DC models.

model+model will be giving-away to one of you their great volumes seen above. First volume will be randomly given, the second you need to work for a little.


Exlevel, the maker of GrowFX gives away two 1.9.0 licenses.

GrowFX is a plugin for modeling and animating trees & plants for Autodesk 3ds Max. With it, you can recreate digitally a lifelike 3D model of any plant, from grass and trees to woodland. Its unique model building tools will help you create creeping plants, entwining scene objects, and shearing plants of any shape. Plants may bend around different objects.

Green Wall image by 3dmk


Laubwerk is the new kid on the veggie block that you should be aware of. I’ve tested Berlin based Laubwerk’s 3D Plants Kits for a while now, and it is a very interesting solution for populating your scenes with 3d Trees and Plants. A combination of smart content powered by a plugin from within 3ds Max & Cinema4D, supporting V-Ray, Mental Ray, Scanline and Advanced Render.

We’ll be giving away some Plant Kits too!


iToo Softawre, the makers of Forest Pack Pro & RailClone 2 will also be giving away some licenses. We will probably focus on RailClone, doing something cool with it.


Next Limit joins this year with their recent release of Maxwell Render for SketchUP. We’ll be giving away two licenses… First one randomly and a Second one for a best image submission.

Grass image above courtesy of Victor Hugo Hernandez

That’s about it for now… First one will start tomorrow!

Stay tuned for great things to come during the blog’s 5th year

Yours truly,


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