Winner Announced: Grant Warwick’s Mastering CGi Giveaway and Discounts

The 4th 2014 blog birthday giveaway is here! Welcoming Grant Warwick who will give one of you lucky followers full access to the Mastering V-Ray course. One more of you will also gain access to the course by sending a 3d render/s you made based on the previously posted how-to.

About Grant Warwick and Mastering CGI

Grant Warwick is an Australian CGI Artist living in Sydney and you all know him by now! He stormed into to the CGI training scene this year with his Mastering V-Ray Course gaining a lot of attention by CGI artists and studios, as well as ArchVIZ artists with V-Ray being the most popular render engine among them.

The course primarily consists of Professionals in the Architectural Visualization industry and currently has over 140 studios subscribed.


I picked it up myself in March, but really started to dive in after Bertrand’s Sweeeet CG work following Lesson 07 about Translucent Materials. This course is packed with valuable information delivered very fluently and clearly which makes it very easy for me to recommend you to pick it up and promote it. For what you get, the pricing is ridiculous and going to be even more so with the special promo that starts today for the blog followers 😉

Grant brings in a vast knowledge gained during his work in the CG / VFX industry at studios like Fuel International, Light Farm in New Zealand and lastly at Cream Studios, where his training business started to take shape and evolved into Mastering V-Ray which covers everything from the bare basics to advanced topics.

Grant posted the videos of Lesson 01 – Getting Started & Lesson 04 (Part 1) : Advanced Materials on the Mastering V-Ray product page so make sure you visit it to learn more about it and get a feel for what it can offer you.

Grant is focusing full time on his training courses development with Mastering V-Ray already at Lesson 8 and his recent course Mastering Hard Surface at Lesson 4.

Mastering V-Ray Curriculum

You can see the list of all lessons down below, and for a full description of each you should visit the curriculum page on Grant’s website. Pay attention to lesson 11 which will be all about what YOU want to learn about.

Grant Warwick's Mastering V-Ray Curriculum

  • LESSON 01 : Getting Started
  • LESSON 02 : Materials 101
  • LESSON 03 : Advanced Scene Optimization
  • LESSON 04 : Advanced Materials (Parts 1 & 2)
  • LESSON 05 : V-Ray 3.0 Introduction (Parts 1 & 2)
  • LESSON 06 : Tone Mapping HDRI’s
  • LESSON 07 : Translucent Materials
  • LESSON 08 : Ice & Snow (Parts 1 & 2)
  • LESSON 09 : Environmental Fog
  • LESSON 10 : Hair ans Skin
  • LESSON 12 : The GRAND FINALE! (Featuring Rafael Grassetti)



What is next?

Due to the overwhelming success of Grant’s Mastering V-Ray course, he is preparing and developing a road-map of courses that will encompass the entire CGI for print workflow. In partnership with world class colleagues he recently offered a small glimpse to his grand plan – Check out what is coming soon!


$50 OFF on Mastering V-Ray & Hard Surface

Starting today, and all through August, you can pick these amazing jam packed courses at $50 OFF list price using these coupons at checkout:

How to Enter


Use the widget below to enter for the Giveaway and to my Newsletter. Already subscribed to my Newsletter? Not to worry… it counts for the Giveaway and all of you can add more entries via Facebook & Twitter – And more importantly by commenting to this post with your ideas and requests for Mastering V-Ray Lesson 11 which is going to cover user voted topics! So speak your mind and then remember to mark a comment was made in the giveaway widget for the extra points 😉


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Submit Your Image

The second part of sending your 3d renders showcasing your forest pack scattered creation following Grant Warwick’s Forest Pack Texture Distribution HOW-TO will end on September 25. Please send in your images by Clicking Here making sure you name the image file with your full name and serial number if you send more than one image as follows – first-last-##.jpg

so good (1)

Be CREATIVE! Don’t just repeat the images posted recently online – Use that and ‘So Good’ visuals you see here by Grant as a starting point for your own concept and your own unique twist to it 😉

You can grab these Lee Griggs styled Forest Pack pre-made scenes by Grant if you like to get started there :

[wpsharely] get-the-files

Big thanks to Grant Warwick for sponsoring this giveaway. Good luck, and be sure to follow this blog or subscribe so that you can find out if you’re a winner!

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  1. maxfury
    maxfury says:

    The first video was brilliant, would love to get my hands on the rest of the course. Looking at what’s coming up it’d be nice to get some more in depth information on lighting scenes. I use various techniques, mostly HDRI based but what kind of setup do you use when there’s very little light natural light in a scene?
    Do you use lots of small vray plane lights, spotlights, sphere lights? I’ve been using regular spotlights a lot recently to get more of a falloff in the shadows but I’d be keen to hear what techniques Grant uses.

  2. KubaZychowicz
    KubaZychowicz says:

    ronenbekerman I am more interestet in Grant’s approach to lighting his scenes. What is his workflow to achieve this clean light that so clearly shows every detail.

  3. StefanEk1
    StefanEk1 says:

    Sand, dust, like deserts and African environments. Waterfall and maybe color buckets (filled with color)

  4. StefanEk1
    StefanEk1 says:

    Sand, dust, like deserts and African environments. Waterfall and maybe color buckets (filled with color)

  5. Dejan Sparovec
    Dejan Sparovec says:

    Can I use multiscatter instead of forest pro for the image because that’s what I have? :/

  6. MilosStojiljkovic
    MilosStojiljkovic says:

    Vray Effects, etc. camera effects, vray environment fog, vray toon… It’s rather simple but still, i’m sure that Warwick can find the expert way of using them 🙂

  7. Dejan Sparovec
    Dejan Sparovec says:

    I would like to see artificial lighting tips, i.e. for interiors or studio setups.

  8. Dejan Sparovec
    Dejan Sparovec says:

    I would like to see artificial lighting tips, i.e. for interiors or studio setups.

  9. FilipMalecki
    FilipMalecki says:

    I think that something about foliage materials would be great ;). For example how Alessandro Prodan has created his Farnsworth House 😉

  10. ronenbekerman
    ronenbekerman says:

    FilipMalecki You refer to this work –

    It is amazing still!

  11. ronenbekerman
    ronenbekerman says:

    FilipMalecki You refer to this work –

    It is amazing still!

  12. DanielReutersward
    DanielReutersward says:

    I would like him to cover foliage, wood (all kinds from new to old), particles in air and perhaps more tips and tricks for Forest Pack! 🙂

  13. Mario Nogueira [RIP3D]
    Mario Nogueira [RIP3D] says:

    I Think he covers almost everything, maybe something related to advanced lightning maybe.

  14. vizcon3d
    vizcon3d says:

    I’d like to see some lessons – shaders around all sort’s of glass and caustics, along with animation tips. That would be great:))

  15. JoaoValerio
    JoaoValerio says:

    It could be interesting to explore the creation of detail shots, mixing advanced materials with lighting, texturing, camera placement, DOF, etc.

  16. jamison_ibister
    jamison_ibister says:

    The free lessons are extremely helpful.  I would like to see a lesson on taking fabrics (either photo or web image) and transferring it into a material.   Patterned white matelasse are especially difficult.

  17. MattHaydenClark
    MattHaydenClark says:

    I’d like to see a lesson on creating realistic bodies of water. ie. Oceans with wakes and foam, rivers with animated currents etc.

  18. guerovs
    guerovs says:

    nature shaders! like wood, vegetation, or architectural things, like concrete, structural wood, (bercon wood) etc.

  19. nisiara
    nisiara says:

    This might sound super boring but i would like to see a lesson with Grant approaching a ‘real life project ‘ from scratch to finish. Maybe he can take a project from his personal portfolio and show how he set up the materials, the lighting, the camera and all the good stuff that make the image look real  😛

  20. betamedium
    betamedium says:

    Although Grant seems to be preparing a Lighting course as stated on his website, It would be awesome to get a small peak into his lighting strategies!

  21. AndreasFunk
    AndreasFunk says:

    Although there is a special lighting course announed I d Luke to See a lighting lesson as well….maybe as a teaser for the upcoming course

  22. pedrocouto75
    pedrocouto75 says:

    Mastering V-Ray rendering settings, and understading calculations made by the engine. I think that would save a lot of time!

  23. SiRadcliff
    SiRadcliff says:

    I dont have the mastering vray subscription, I would love to see more on the render settings and lighting.

  24. Lili_Spooky
    Lili_Spooky says:

    This course is on my watchlist for so long now, great you teamed up with grant to deliver this sweet Giveaway Ronen! 
    I hope Grant will earn a whole lot of new subscribers, he def. deserves to be heard as many times possible 🙂

    My Vote would go for an in-depth look at render optimization, point and shoot light & material setups as well as “daily production routine” workflow tipps. 

    Cheers from austria

  25. rashedhaikal22
    rashedhaikal22 says:

    Thanks for this opportunity, as for lesson 11 I would like to see HDR interior lighting stuff if that is possible. Thanks!

  26. GiorgosZaha
    GiorgosZaha says:

    Thanks a lot for all of those great stuff, happy 5th birthday and as for Grant Warwick’s excellent course i would like to see some info for  interior architecture visualizations.

  27. MatevzAvbelj
    MatevzAvbelj says:

    Realistic foam, bubbles and vapor with the help of particles and other plugins (Phoenix FD, Frost, Iso-surfaces,…) would be great.

  28. Enrique_C
    Enrique_C says:

    My request is to go over the topic of GI optimization for animations, where resolution is lower than print images and render time per frame is a lot more important.

  29. CaioDettmar
    CaioDettmar says:

    It would be great to give a lesson a focus on Arch-Viz mats, like glasses and vegetation!

  30. CaioDettmar
    CaioDettmar says:

    It would be great to give a lesson a focus on Arch-Viz mats, like glasses and vegetation!

  31. jophus14
    jophus14 says:

    Much like CaioDettmar, I would also like to see how to create more realistic materials that are commonly used in architecture. Materials such as facade glass, stainless steel and natural stone. Thanks

  32. petrusyap
    petrusyap says:

    Thank you Ronen… I would love to be the lucky winner here.. if I am lucky enough 😀
    Same as jophus14, would like to post for a lesson to create more realistic materials that are commonly used in architecture. Thank you.

  33. manuelbianchiyasci
    manuelbianchiyasci says:

    I vote for realistic common architecture materials, such as wood, concrete, brick, glass, steel, etc.

  34. budjj001
    budjj001 says:

    I’d have to agree with the majority regarding vegetation and natural materials like wood and stone. It would also be interesting to see an analysis of elements from a vray perspective, like fire/smoke, water, earthy textures for ground/cliff surfaces and I know hes already covered ice/snow.

  35. ronenbekerman
    ronenbekerman says:

    Congratulations to ?ukasz Walkowski – You won the first stage and get GrantWarwick ‘s Course! 2nd stage is still going and keep sending me great images… Winner will be chosen by end of September 😉

    FYI – The promo is still running, but ends in 4 days! so if you like what you see so far and what is coming next – GRAB IT NOW!

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