Free ‘LOFT’ 3d Model Pack by Andrey Mikhalenko

Andrey Mikhalenko arranged all of his 3d models created for the ‘LOFT’ scene, posted not long ago, and packed them into a single free offering for you. All models created using 3d Studio Max, Marvelous Designer, Zbrush & Photoshop.

Be sure to visit Andrey’s Behance page to see more of his work and say Hello! – Andrei Mikhalenko

[wpsharely] get-the-files

Visit The ‘LOFT’ Forum Thread to learn more about this project and share your thoughts.



Here’s a gallery of all the models in this pack :

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  1. Aibek Almasov
    Aibek Almasov says:

    Can you tell me about your white bricks? i search it so long time…
    please can you share with it? I so like your white bricks! AndreiMikhalenko

  2. chrisdatrick
    chrisdatrick says:

    I wan to say big,big thank You Mr. Andrei 🙂 Your pack of models is awesome, and Your idea to share it with us is so great…Thank You very much for your gift:)

  3. Aibek Almasov
    Aibek Almasov says:

    AndreiMikhalenko but where did you get texture for bricks model? i make wall with DebrisMaker, but what about texture? Or you make it by your self? Or download form?

  4. Sam_Omar
    Sam_Omar says:

    Thank you very much , but every time i render a tree from the models it shows wothout any texture ? any thoughts ? 
    i use max 16

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