The 7th Architectural Visualization Challenge I’m running in partnership with Quixel as the marquee sponsor. The book CABINS by Philip Jodidio and the fantastic illustrations by Marie-Laure Cruschi served as the principal inspiration for this year’s challenge theme. That, and my love for prefab architecture design.

CABINS entry by BeebOH

Yulio link:

The inspiration for the cabin was to imagine a place where one could be simultaneously connected to the land, sky and water. The cabin acts as a ‘viewing vessel’ by framing a unique view through each of its main apertures: one to the land, one to the sky and one to the water. The landscape was inspired by the mountains and coasts of British Columbia where one might see vast mountain lakes, lush forests and the occasional glimpse of the northern lights.

The cabin was modeled in Rhino and imported into Lumion where a combination of Lumion and Quixel assets populate the landscape. Some light post-processing in Photoshop helped with final tweaks as well as adding a few furry friends here and there. The Quixel assets were immensely helpful in adding that next layer of realism to the scenes.

Thanks to Ronen and the sponsors for putting on such a great and accessible challenge, it was a good opportunity to step into the realm of GPU rendering.

CABINS entry by Lagaris

Hello everybody, I finished my work finally. I had a lot of fun with that challenge and I am very impressed by the others challengers entries. Thanks for that challenge to everybody and I hope we will create again something nice works by an other challenge. Best regards

CABINS entry by sverlo

“It’s an Australian forest and believe me when you are in a glass transparent cabin,
here at night, and you know all those stories, and all those dangerous creatures around,
and trees above you sounds like an ocean – you won’t forget this night…”

VR –

It was an interesting task to stick to the initial sketch as much as possible in terms of color balance and general atmosphere.
What you think, did I succeed?

By the way, a shape of the cabin inspired by the SeaStar project of Architectural Prescription.


CABINS entry by Simone

Here my final entry!

Please use this link to see my VR panoramas on Yulio:

You can switch between the different perspectives by clicking on the arrows.

Here some facts:
I used 3ds Max for modelling, Corona Renderer, Substance Painter for the Cabin/Wagon texture, Mudbox for some stones and Megascan textures!

I modelled all objects and props by myself except the hiking shoes, the book and one of the plants.
I got these 3d models from and altered the textures so that they fit into my scene.

Finally, I would like to thank Ronen Bekerman for organising this challenge. I enjoyed the ‘Cabin’ theme from the beginning and I am looking forward to explore all the other entries!

CABINS entry by pmvis

Here below are the final images and link to the VR tour. For the architecture of the cabin I closely followed the design of the existing Vindheim Cabin by Vardehaugen architects. The Vindheim cabin is the perfect place to escape for a weekend. It is tucked away deep in the an alpine landscape close to Lillehammer in Norway.

Thank you to Ronen Bekerman and all the sponsors for this opportunity. I really enjoyed making this project and using megascans assets for the first time. I found them really easy to use and was impressed with how they worked straight out of the box. I was also impressed with how easy Yulio was to use especially as it was my first time creating VR content.

VR link:

Highres images:

Additional images are attached in the comments below.

Good luck to all my fellow competitors!