The 7th Architectural Visualization Challenge I’m running in partnership with Quixel as the marquee sponsor. The book CABINS by Philip Jodidio and the fantastic illustrations by Marie-Laure Cruschi served as the principal inspiration for this year’s challenge theme. That, and my love for prefab architecture design.

CABINS entry by Andrew LeTourneau

For this cabin I wanted to try something different. My first goal was to create something that was located in the desert rather than a forest. For the structure itself I was heavily inspired by DUST Architect’s Casa Caldera project. As soon as I saw the project I knew I wanted to create something similar, the brutalist and utilitarian nature of it were very appealing as well as its minimum impact on the surrounding environment.

For the landscape I used a terrain map to create a small rolling hill with a river basin. I populated it with clusters of small grass as well as larger Acacia trees. I scattered large boulders throughout the dried river bed. In the distance I used a photoscanned model of a canyon that I downloaded from Sketchfab, I wanted to give depth to the image as well as a bit more interest.

Overall I’m happy with how this project turned out, I learned a ton along the way and enjoyed the challenge!

Here is the final YulioVR Tour:

CABINS entry by QpixL

The concept behind the images is of an island somewhere up north in the middle of nowhere where a small micro-climate has formed giving life to a unique flower which blossoms only at night.

CABINS entry by Mario Mendieta

With nature as a backdrop and a spart, yet funcional cabin layout, this scenic composition epitomizes the essence of the outdoor living experience at its best. Through a careful material curation, that strives for textures as well as colors, in order to age harmoniously with it’s surroundings. In time, the rust, mosses, ferns, along with the layered patina create a cohesiveness that makes the man made structures belong. As trees envelops the inmmediate vicinity, the scenery convey an air of serene tranquility that speaks to the cathartic longing for solitude. That yearning to extricate ourselves from the hectic modern living and revert to our roots in nature as the only means to find our true selves.