The 7th Architectural Visualization Challenge I’m running in partnership with Quixel as the marquee sponsor. The book CABINS by Philip Jodidio and the fantastic illustrations by Marie-Laure Cruschi served as the principal inspiration for this year’s challenge theme. That, and my love for prefab architecture design.

CABINS entry by richst_za

Here is my final entry. Possibly the most challenging project I’ve worked on, but worth every bit as it was a great learning experience.

I rendered everything with Redshift and all the models and foliage were created from the ground up using Megascans assets.

A huge thanks to Ronen for organizing this as well as to the sponsors for bringing the community together for the challenge.

Here’s the link to the main submission:

Here are the Yulio renders:

CABINS entry by rickr

The concept derived from the idea warming cupped hands in the winter. To warm your hands you create an enclosed environment to retain the heat while you are experiencing the environment. You offer yourself the comfort of being warm while inserting your self in the wilderness. This cabin concept offers the benefits of cabin life while providing dramatic views in a beautiful wilderness.

CABINS entry by a.valadezart

Under a starry sky there´s a cabin located on top of the hill where a waterfall begins. Here lives a solitary man who every night tries to catch a big golden fish that exist only in waters with bioluminescent plankton.

CABINS entry by Mariusz

Cabin-M was a design challenge that I decided to do after being challenged by my friends who are real Architects and design for a living. First ever and I hope someone likes it.

Yulio link:

PS: I wish I had more time to make it look more realistic 🙂