CABINS entry by Andrew LeTourneau

For this cabin I wanted to try something different. My first goal was to create something that was located in the desert rather than a forest. For the structure itself I was heavily inspired by DUST Architect’s Casa Caldera project. As soon as I saw the project I knew I wanted to create something similar, the brutalist and utilitarian nature of it were very appealing as well as its minimum impact on the surrounding environment.

For the landscape I used a terrain map to create a small rolling hill with a river basin. I populated it with clusters of small grass as well as larger Acacia trees. I scattered large boulders throughout the dried river bed. In the distance I used a photoscanned model of a canyon that I downloaded from Sketchfab, I wanted to give depth to the image as well as a bit more interest.

Overall I’m happy with how this project turned out, I learned a ton along the way and enjoyed the challenge!

Here is the final YulioVR Tour: