The challenge of Tomorrow entry by Dario Castro

2040 population all around the globe is decreasing, many people have found in robots a way to improve life, public areas are now obliged to be greener, and buildings are just getting reaconditioned for a new life style.

I took the movie “I robot” as reference, same cities, same jobs, same people, but new ways to live the cities, do the jobs and share with people.

I tried to show ordinary people, living a new future.

CABINS entry by Dario Castro

This are the references I will use, it will be a beach hotel, I took the inspiration from Yelapa Beach in Jalisco, you can only get there by boat and you can experience amazing views of the sea and the river.

Tomorrow Challenge 2018 entry by User-17465587

This the final image, I used 3ds max and vray.

I wanted to show the school in a very simple way, in an overcast day, where you can see that probably rained the day before the picture,
but because of the clouds and the cold, the floor its still humid in some parts, you can feel an air of quietness, as if it where the last days
of school when the majority of the classes have end already.

I began the process chosing the side of the school I wanted to show, I like this frame because you can see a lot of crossing lines between
all the elements inside of it, but neither of them steal attention to the main atraction.

After this I made a list of things that I needed to model, they where just a few because the model was almost complete.
The most time taking of them were the rooftiles, not because they were complicated but because they occupied a big section of
the image and needed an extra attention. I made them with railclone and apply a material operator.

When the model was completed I continued with the most visible part of the building, the CorTen Steel plates. I began with a simple
vray material trying to achieve the rusty orange color, after some tests I just keep detailing the material with a tiles map to split the solid
model into pieces, this just gave me the idea of how to improve the feeling of the diferent textures and reflections in the steel, basically
I just applied a blend material and started to use diferent masks and materials to achieve the reflections and textures I wanted.

The most complicated thing to do was the floor, I choose two different cobblestones and I had to fix the plane because after applying
some displacement it throwed some errors in the geometry (visible only in the render), also I didn´’t knew exactly of much level of
humidity was the correct, because I didn´t wanted puddles, just the feeling of a damp pavement.

After all the materials were finished, I began to think what else besides the architecture I could put in the scene, also thinking in the
human scales that I could insert in post production, so the render would have a story to tell.

The trees were a final desition because I didn´t had any plant besides the ivy on the back and it felt somehow empty, also the bike
at the front its an old model I had from my first efforts in max, I just updated the materials a little.

At the end it was a great experience, I think if I could go back and do something diferent it would be the concept image, because
I had an idea of what I wanted to do but it wasn´t a solid idea so I got lost at the end in post production trying to fix a story for
the render and probably it’s better to have a story and make a render for it.