BEST Visualization of YEAR 2018

Today I am very happy to announce the Best Visualization of the Year 2018. I present you with the Taekwondo – The fighters by Karim Moussa! It is never easy to pick the best out of twelve that are already at the top of their game, but Karim excelled on all levels with this very personal and fantastic project of his.

I think that this image from the set fits this winning post most!

The Taekwondo Fighters life is no ordinary life, it is a life that holds a continuous spark that lights, inspires and aspires dreams and imaginations. Taekwondo for them isn’t just a sport, its a way of life, a life full of courage, discipline, honor, and passion. They live their days mastering techniques with their heart, soul, and body. Their world has a different dimension of spiritual and physical balance.

They fight all the odds, they strive to be the very best, they give it all their strength, all their power, all their love, all their sadness, everything they’ve got, they face pain, they rise and fall, they win and they lose. Their dreams, thoughts, and deep into their core soul wants to achieve something they’ve always dreamed of and wished for. Each fighter is giving his absolute best, aiming for their finest day to come. The Championships is their ultimate goal where they try to seize this moment of greatness that will ever be carved in their’s and everyone else’s heart.

The intent behind this project/design and series of visuals is to present a few moments from the fighter’s competition experiences. I have designed the sports arena’s lines, shapes, and features to reflect some of the Taekwondo aesthetics like motion, dynamism, speed, and sleekness.

Karim also wrote a very extensive Making of Taekwondo – The Fighters which I highly suggest you read if you didn’t and even if you did… Lots of valuable insight inside!

Congratulations Karim Moussa! and thank you, my blog followers for sharing your great work with us all during 2018.

Keep the great works of your coming in 2019 too!

be good, do good.


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