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Yesterday the blog passed the 7 years running milestone! I’m trying to observe and reflect on this from the sidelines, but it’s hard. At times, it was hard to see the forest for the trees. But with time comes clarity. The blog is very much part of my daily routine, part of me. I started with putting my name and face on it, knowing I’m aiming for the long run and 7 years after the blog is going strong and keeps on growing thanks to all of you… This journey, from reaching destination, far is!

I learned a lot during 7 years of running a blog, putting myself in a position of always having my finger on the pulse of the Architectural Visualization field. Sharing what you work on, covering new technology, exposing great places to learn at, making sure you find a job and recently, also looking at the business aspects of what we do, and what it takes to run a successful ArchVIZ business both as a solo artist and as a studio.

I’ve been exploring these aspects myself while forming The Craft and making the shift from being mostly a solo artist to running a studio of 5 along with my partner, Emanuel Kand.


Image by The Craft – Common Great Room in an NYC residential project.

Thinking about what it means to be an architectural visualization artist today I have more clarity about where I want to take the blog to, making sure it serves our community as best as possible. Introducing the Job Board Blog is part of that.

The ArchVIZ BIZ Introductory series by Norm Li marking the start of much more to come covering the aspects of our business never before discussed and shared this way.


I forgot where I first heard the phrase “Never stop learning”. I’m pretty sure it was at SOA at some point, maybe Gianpiero said it. I kind of made it my own so it’s hard to know now. I practice this motto myself having attended SOA’s Masterclass as well as Peter Guthrie’s Lighting Masterclass in July. In an ever changing industry, we all have to keep our edge and learn constantly. I hope I can make it easy for you.


My work during SOA’s Peter Guthrie Lighting Masterclass

I’m developing this aspect at home, running an ArchVIZ School for architects and interior designers in Israel. This project has been running for a year and a half, helping our students to better visualize their designs with tools like SketchUp, V-Ray, and Photoshop. I hope that what I do there will make its way to you here as well, helping to complete a full circle of support.

Blogging for so long made me more sensitive to things you might need and that others might be already doing and so on the tools of the trade side of things, being an avid SketchUp user, Skatter took front and center position in recent months. This Smart SketchUp Scattering Plugin is helping hundreds of SketchUp users to envision their creative ideas better and faster.

Skatter by Thomas Before After-2

One of the major goals for 2016 is still pending, though, and that is Challenge #7. Each new challenge, raised the bar, with “The Vineyard” being something special indeed with the support of the great people at Epic Games. I have challenge ideas running through my head for months but haven’t reached that meeting point of a truly challenging theme and sponsors who can add their take on it.

Factory Fifteen's Winning TEAM entry for "The Vineyard"

Factory Fifteen’s Winning TEAM entry for “The Vineyard”

Perhaps I’m aiming too high, but I feel each challenge must break some envelopes and take you out of your comfort zone. Feel free to contact me about this as i’d love to learn what you think.

That is all for now.

Enjoy the great giveaways that are part of the Blog Birthday month. As always I’m celebrating in partnership with my great sponsors over the years with a series of Giveaways and Promotions. Check it all out in the #7 Blog-B-Day page (some are still pending and will go up soon).

Blog Birthday 7



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  1. souzagiovanne
    souzagiovanne says:

    “The blog is very much part of my daily routine, part of me”… TOO. I enter on this blog everyday, serching for more information. It is a time to acquire knowledge and also distracting, even fun at times. Anyway, just keep the job! Is the better in ArchViz ((: Congrats for everthing!!!

  2. KoNay
    KoNay says:

    Thank you, Ronen. I have been following your blog for 5 years and learned a lot from your blog.

  3. tAss
    tAss says:

    I’m looking for a new article on Your blog for 4 years, almost every day. Our chat in a bus, when we were going for a pizza on AD4 helped me improve my skills. Well, happy birthday and see You soon on AD7 🙂

  4. Sergiu Zboras
    Sergiu Zboras says:

    Congrats Ronen, your blog is rightfully among the top sites of the industry because of your passion for it and the people who have joined your cause and contributed to the overall growth of our young profession.
    Many years ahead and best of luck!

  5. makurdi5
    makurdi5 says:

    Last year i discovered your blog and my renderings have never quite been the same. Very inspiring and the most productive way of procrastination. Thanks for your dedication making it free, very much appreciated!!!!

  6. Timothy LJ Lancaster
    Timothy LJ Lancaster says:

    makurdi5 I love this comment and honest you are about Procrastination. I find myself productively procrastinating a bit myself and ronenbekerman has amazing tutorials for this. I love watching this community grow and seeing the time and effort that Ronen puts into showing us different tips and tricks of the trade. His help has truly been immeasurable for me and its the first place i point out to people needing assistance. Congratulations on the 7 years ronenbekerman, i look forward to what the future has in store.

  7. paulinakochanowicz
    paulinakochanowicz says:

    I know your blog for about 4 years now. It is always a source of beautiful inspirations and very interesting articles that cover not only the aspect of visualization but also of being an architect and the things that this job brings. Congratulations for another year and thanks for conscientious providing inspiration for us. I wish consecutive years of success. Regards, Paulina Kochanowicz.

  8. sasacar
    sasacar says:

    Ronen, first of all, thank you for all those great information and happy bithday. Please can you tell me untill when we can take this acount with code from your website. On the giveawey section it says 2 days left but I am not sure wheater this applies also for purchase with discount codes. My card will be active for 5 days, and I wont miss out this nice opportunies.
    Thanks in advance

  9. Oleg Budeanu
    Oleg Budeanu says:

    Happy Birthday, Ronen, keep it up ! 
    And thanks for the giveaway, won 70 points for RebusFarm , just amazing !!

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