The Pool Shophouse / FARM

November 6, 2012 |  by  |  Architecture, Inspiration, Photography
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Not sure why they call this one a Shophouse. designed by FARM, this looks like a super cool house to live in. It is also a great showcase of light playing with bricks, wood, tiles and water. Great photos taken here by Jeremy San.

Photography by Jeremy San

original post The Pool Shophouse / FARM at archdaily

See it also on FARM’s website – The Pool Shophouse

This house went into my Material / Brick & Lighting boards on Pinterest. I invite you to follow me and see what other great things I’ve curated there for some time now.

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Don Juan
Don Juan

shophouse, because it used to be a shop, before it was renovated.

Juraj Talcik
Juraj Talcik

it's interesting how far extruded they are, and also how their layout changes between very clean to rough/worn out. Many details

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