65 More Free Cutout People by xoio

65 More Free Cutout People by xoio

February 21, 2012 |  by  |  Freebies
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Studio xoio previously shared 65 free cutout people they made, and today they release 65 more! This is their second set of green screen people, with mostly different lighting angles then in the first one. Stay tuned for a third set sometime later. Enjoy!

Go ahead and get them people here

01 Teaser Image Greenscreens gross 528x194 65 More Free Cutout People by xoio

As you know by now, xoio decided to detach their freebie section from their blog into a new site they named xoio-air where they are going to keep deploying content back to the community… Air it out. That is a great idea!

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