‘The Museum’ / Lumion Real-Time Challenge Winners Announced

I’m happy to announce that the Winners of ‘The Museum’ / Lumion Challenge have been Selected!

I would like to thank all the challengers and guests for taking part in this event, and to Act-3D for helping in making this great challenge possible.

Big thanks to fellow judges Adam Hotovy, Peter Stulz, Lasse Rode, Gianpiero Monopoli, Roberto De Rose and the Act-3D Team for dedicating their time and professional expertise not only for the final judgment but also supporting my efforts during the challenge from day one.

The Challenge Sponsors

Act-3D, Designconnected and 3D World Magazine.


I’ll remind you that the challengers had to showcase the New National Gallery and its surroundings during an event of their choice. This challenge focused on the use of Lumion real-time visualizations and animation capabilities, aiming at the creation of a short 2-3 minutes film that will showcases the life at the NNG. I hope you all enjoyed this event and learned from it as much as I did.


The entries were judged according to overall accepted standards of architectural visualization: composition; storyboard; animation; 3d modeling; lighting; materials and textures, concept (original approach), addressing the unique design of the Neue Nationalgalerie, technical skill, emotive value, the use of Lumion pushing its potential and participation in WIP threads.


This wasn’’t an easy nut to crack! Not too many real-time animation WIP challenges going on yet, and this was a first on this blog… and A very interesting and surprising one as such. It opened the door for exploring the animation field a bit more in future challenges, and also considering other real-time solutions.

And now….

The Winners

Here are the winners and summaries that reflect the joint feedback of the judging panel. Congratulations to you all!

Grand Prize Winner, Wenjun Yu.

Wenjun Yu nicely planned and executed his video. It works as a unified creation (visual, moves and sound) in a remarkable and emotional way! We really enjoyed the interesting cameras, multiple shots in one frame, and the fact that he decided to show people in a subtle, none distracting way… The fast moving, blurry people conveyed the life within in a way you could enjoy the architecture.

The color scheme worked well, with very good lighting and grading. Nice use of subtle DOF and water effects with very fitting choice of music.

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1st Runner Up, Michael Betke.

Similar approach to the topic as Wenjun… A photographic point of view. Interesting choice of shots with nice cuts, and yet something was missing. Perhaps the fact the first day half did not have that event inside of the NNG as it does at night-time (Lovely choice by Michael, showing his son’s work the way he did).

Michael’s texturing and materials are probably the best in this competition, and he’s also the most photo-real among the entries in many parts of his animation. however, the exterior part of the video suffered from too much contrast and general darkness that put it down a bit.

The interiors in night-time are excellent! Light effects, materials, colors… all nicely click together. Overall, very natural flowing storytelling and great works by Felix!

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  • Lumion Pro free upgrades to v3.x & v4.x
  • Designconnected 200 EURO Voucher
  • 3D World Magazine Yearly Subscription

2nd Runner UP, Thierry Tutin.

Thierry’s entry was one of the favorites from the beginning. Great soundtrack choice and theme, with nice use of glow & glare effects. Pretty cool implementation of the people in the animation.

Thierry managed to present the National Gallery as a cool place to hang out with family and friends on a weekend during this show. He also addressed all parts of the NNG which is very commendable. While the overall look and feel is very good with music that sucks you into the film, it fell short in terms of detail and material visual quality that the previous two had.

  • Lumion Pro License
  • Lumion Pro free upgrades to v3.x & v4.x
  • Designconnected 150 EURO Voucher
  • 3D World Magazine Yearly Subscription

That is all for this challenge. It was fun and I look forward to see you in future challenges…

You can refresh your memory with all the finalists entries here – ‘The Museum’ / Lumion Challenge Finalists

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