The Boundary Store is OPEN!

The promised store by The Boundary is now open! The Carey House Scene, which has been the subject of a series of tutorials over the past 6 months is the first product up for grabs. More complete 3d scenes are planned and hopefully individual 3d models and textures as well.


The Boundary Store opens following a series of tutorials based on the first item up for grabs – The Carey House.

This house and 3d scene was also at the core of Peter Guthrie’s Lighting Master Class at the SOA this July.


8 tutorials have been published on The Boundary blog with one final tutorial to complete the series later in the week with a quick look at post production.

Here’s a list of all parts :

  1. Carey House Tutorial 01 – Landscape #1
  2. Carey House Tutorial 02 – Landscape #2
  3. Carey House Tutorial 03 – Trees
  4. Carey House Tutorial 04 – Texturing
  5. Carey House Tutorial 05 – Pool
  6. Carey House Tutorial 06 – Lighting
  7. Carey House Tutorial 07 – Lighting Internal
  8. Carey House tutorial 08 – Atmosphere
  9. Carey House tutorial 09 – Post Production

For those who missed out on attending Peter’s State of Art Academy Lighting Masterclass in July, this is a chance for you to try your ideas out on the same 3d scene used in the class.

You can read all parts of the Carey House Tutorial on The Boundary Blog.

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