Storm House by Arkin Adam Esref

Arkin Adam Esref has made some remarkable storm renders and animation based on his CGW competition entry scene. I like his still images work on this one. Arkin has a style of his own that I like very much and it is nice to see some animated shots of his scene too. Take a look and tell us what you think of it.

and images…

Visit Arkin’s original forum thread – Storm House by Arkin Adam Esref

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  1. ronenbekerman
    ronenbekerman says:

    Looking at it more and more, aside from being great work in general by arkinadamesref I have to pointers to share about it:

    1. The pool water looks a bit metalic in some shots.

    2. The wet looks is great but seems to be missing on the house windows and the outer concrete walls, although they do have dirt streaks, could use some wetness too.

    I hope some more views are planned for this one 😉

  2. BryceMironuck
    BryceMironuck says:

    The images are definitely incredible, and it’s always unique to see some animation in these Viz projects – It’s just unfortunate that video will highlight any material flaws in a visceral way. But that’s not to say this doesn’t look excellent, since it does. Much kudos!

  3. ArkinAdamEsref
    ArkinAdamEsref says:

    Thanks for the feedback guys, Im still kinda new to the animation world but its something I’d like to develop… thank you @ronenbekerman for the article mate 🙂

  4. alexyork3d
    alexyork3d says:

    You sure know how to sell a space, Arkin! Just kidding – wonderful stuff. You’ve really captured a difficult mood here. My only crit would be the music – I don’t think it fits the subject or the atmosphere. Maybe something darker and more classy might be more appropriate.

    Would be great to see some more shots, particularly a few nice interiors with rain coming down the windows.

    Great stuff 🙂

  5. ArkinAdamEsref
    ArkinAdamEsref says:

    @alexyork3d lol I know your music taste already hehe, Im trying to get some interior shots also, will take some time, thanks Alex for stopping by, see you soon!

  6. alexyork3d
    alexyork3d says:

    haha I’m not sure mate! Think that might be worse…! Something calm and tranquil maybe? @ArkinAdamEsref

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