State of Art Academy / Master Class #6

With recent news about SOA’s Academy Day #4 and the completion of MasterClass #6 I thought it will be nice to feature the great work of the students of class #6 and what they think and feel about their experience. I came to know SOA back in early 2010 seeing Roberto’s ‘Maison Hermes’ visual and since then I’ve been in constant contact with Gianpiero & Roberto and attended Academy Days #2 & #3 and loved every minute of it! Taking my online acquaintance with them to a personal level I can say (as we do In my family) they are True Mensch! I will not miss Academy Day #4 and hope to see you there too.


State of Art Academy / Master Class #6

MasterClass #6 hosted artists from all over the world, working of the the Farnsworth House by Mies van der Rohe as their main theme. Another bright spot has been the V-ray Certified Professional exam the students had taken during the MasterClass. SOA certified the first Australian, American, Greek, Swiss, Slovenian, Mexican and Israeli on the Chaosgroup software taking the MasterClass to a new level.

See what the students learn during the 4 weeks of the Architectural Visualization Master Class…

What is even better, is the things you do when you are not learning… San Dona, Venice, Italy!

The Students of MasterClass #6

Jan Ziher 581185_505664626154974_563494589_n

Jan Ziher

I’m a 25 year old architectural visualization freelancer from Slovenia. I’m finishing my architectural master degree studies and have been working in this field for 3 years. During this time I have worked with various studios from Slovenia and abroad. SOA’s MasterClass #6 was a great experience. I enjoyed seeing how the production environment works, studio’s workflow and last but not least the team! I would recommend it to everyone who is thinking about improving his/her skills.


Yamit Aroya 774125_505665382821565_1763176546_o


Yamit Aroya

I Studied architecture and while learning autocad 3d I fell in love with visualization. After finishing architecture school, I worked in a construction company as an architect and while working there I took a basic course in 3dsmax. A few months later I quit my job there and decided to focus only in visualization and to open a business based on that and become a freelancer. The MasterClass was an amazing experience. I learned so many new things that would help me produce the best works in the most efficient way. For me it is a real advancement.

Anna Perela 969978_505664526154984_287930101_n

Anna Perela

I am Anna, 28 years old architect and architectural photographer. I studied Architecture in the National Technological University of Athens and received my Diploma in 2010. I have worked as a Freelance Architect since 2008. I have participated in various architectural competitions and worked in medium and large scale projects. I was drawn to the art of photography from a very young age, and since 2003 I have experimented with various techniques and formats. I have participated in photographic contests and group exhibitions. My main focus is architectural photography and I’m striving for excellence in the field. I have worked as an architectural photographer since 2012. Ever since my years as a student, I have been fascinated by the art of architectural visualization through digital art (photo-realistic renderings or abstract illustrations). My 3d work has been featured in an exhibition at the Archaeological Museum of Ioannina. Moreover, I have worked as a visualizer in various architectural competitions. I see the participation in this MasterClass as a great opportunity for me. State of Art Academy offers a professional, up to date approach on the field of Architectural Visualization. The most important thing for me was the fact that our Teachers offered tailor-made, personalized help towards each one of us, according to our needs and background. I am grateful to call myself a graduate of the Academy, for I know that our bonds will remain strong in the future. It was a life-changing experience!


Christos Kogos 976381_505664649488305_1403359064_o


Christos Kogos

My name is Christos Kogos. I’m an architect, living and working in Athens (Greece). Professionally, I’m particularly interested in architectural design. My growing interest towards architectural visualization made me look for ways of improving my skills and acquiring the most up to date tools within this field. This is how I came across the SOA’s Architectural Visualization MasterClass which seemed to me very appealing and decided to attend it. This course has managed to offer me new knowledge and teach me new skills in regards to new techniques and methodologies in the field of architectural visualization within a tight time-frame. The whole planning, schedule and teaching of the MasterClass was very well-organized and focused on the object at hand. The team of SOA was very successful in providing a pleasant and professional environment, all with positive vibes, and made this experience definitely a very positive, rich and challenging one. Looking forward to meeting everyone again!

Zac Arato 931352_505665386154898_968303653_n_edit

Zac Arato

I’ve worked in the 3D for over 15 years, starting out with Lightwave and Maya, before switching to 3DS Max when I started working in visualisation. I work at Atomic 3D as the creative visualisation manager, working with the team to produce high-quality 3D renderings and animation.
I was looking for a way to expand my skills and to grow my creativity as an artist when I discovered the State of Art Academy Master Class. The class offered to me a perfect blend of technical and creative processes to allow me to explore my work in new ways. As an added bonus, they offered the V-Ray certification exam that allowed me to become the first V-Ray Certified Professional from Australia. One of the other fantastic things about attending the Master Class was having the opportunity to meet people from all over the world and to share experiences and ideas. Participating in the Master Class has certainly been one of the best highlights of my career. I look forward to sharing many more experiences and beers with the new colleagues I’ve met and the awesome team at State of Art Academy.


Benny Guzman Vargas 389697_505664402821663_1833634023_n


Benny Guzman

Benny is an architect (Currently residing in New York City). He has been dedicated to Architectural Visualization for the past 2 years. He originally started out using Google SketchUP and then pass to 3ds Max and V-Ray. I’d like to say thanks to SOA. For all their knowledge and teaching. It’s been a blast!

Silvan Zuppiger 979860_505665059488264_2341276_o

Silvan Zuppiger

Originally i’m an architectural drafter. 8 years ago, I started with 3D. since 5 years, I have my studio for architectural visualization in Zürich, Switzerland. about 6 month ago, I got on the SOA homepage and I knew immediately, this is the perfect place to improve my knowledge about archviz renderings! I instantly signed in, drove to Italy, met my new 3D colleagues from all over the world and finally survived the MC #6! I spend a perfect month in San Dona, and I learned a lot from you guys! I’m really happy about my decision and I can recommend it to everyone! grazie mille SOA family, you guys are just awesome! all the best and see you soon… cheers, Silvan.


Jose Ramon Hernandez 9092_505665016154935_124122684_n


Jose Ramon Hernandez Murbartian

My Name is José Ramón Hernández Murbartián and I’m a Mexican Architect. I first found out about 3d visualization when I was a student in college but actually started to learn from it in my first job as a drafter for an architectural studio. I was starting school so I kept studying as an architect and It was until I got my license that I started to do 3d Works again, 4 years later. I had basic skills and I wanted to become really good at it and do it professionally. so I started looking for some place I could get a solid background and production techniques. That’s how I first heard about the Academy Day. A friend from Mexico was going so I became really interested and decided to go too. The experience was fantastic, the lectures, the people and the 3d community which I haven’t found anywhere else, even though it was only for a couple of days. I met the guys from the studio and they told me about the masterclass inside the studio, so I knew it should be the best opportunity to get things learned from the ground up and start the way we all should. I’m leaving know after meeting great new friends from Switzerland, Dominican Republic/NY, Ljubljana, Greece, Australia and Israel and I feel confident of all the great stuff I learned and helped me to get ready for starting my own thing while hopefully achieving “State of Art” results, so I hope it’s the beginning of something greater than it already is! Thanks again guys from State of Art Studio and hope to see you on the next Academy Day!


Academy Day #4

The upcoming Academy Day is going to be bigger and better and I’m all wholeheartedly invite you to join us in Venice this year! The panel for Acadamy Day #4 is amazing (not only because i’m included :)) and I can’t wait for it to start… Check out the information and early registration here – Academy Day #4 Preview!