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I’m very happy to announce that SOA has closed the lineup for Academy Days X, the industry most revered archviz event. With more than two months to kickoff, some of the biggest names in the industry to talk about hot topics are guaranteed to be onstage at Mogliano between Oct 4 and 5, 2019.

Cover image shows the Promethean AI Public Demo Room scene. Andrew Maximov will present this work and more.

Being the 10th edition of the event, which makes it the older archviz get together in the industry, the goal this year was to make something special. In this regard, Gianpiero Monopoli, CEO and founder of State of Art, says “We knew this 10th edition was a great milestone for us and for our audience. That’s why we decided to focus on topics, giving priority to issues of general interest to our industry, and aiming to build the best combination between big names and emerging talent. Looking at the lineup, I think we did fulfill that goal”

Great example of this approach are people like Andrew Maximov, from Promethean AI, or Sebastian Zapata, from Friendly Shade, as prominent actors of new trends in the industry.

And since the core of the event remains architectural visualization, we couldn’t miss inspirational talks from some of the most active studios out there. It will be a pleasure to have Rodrigo Lopez, CCO at Neoscape, Daniel Flood, who pioneered the industry in Oceania, Lewis Quinn from Grain Studio or former SoA student Martin Van Laack and Johannes König from Bloomimages.

Beyond tech and inspirational topics, there’s also additional themes of interest to our industry.

In a more and more competitive world, growing a business from cero to become one of the most renowned studios nowadays, or how to continue successfully the tradition of 25 years old studio now self managed by its employees thanks to the vision of its founder, will be the talks from: Peter and Henry from The Boundary and David Bullock from Hayes Davidson.

And last, but not less important, Carlos Cristerna from Neoscape RadLab, who recently presented at SIGGRAPH, and the opening act which will come from the event´s main partner Epic Games. AEC Strategy and Business Development Ken Pimentel, will be in charge of the Epic Game’s keynote.

But the event is not only the talks. There’s more exciting stuff going on to celebrate this 10th anniversary. SoA is unveiling the panel of free workshops for Oct 3rd, and soon will announce the details of the big party on the night of Oct 4th. So stay tuned for this and much more news and visit the event page at

About SoA

Founded in 2009 in Italy, State of Art Academy is the Industry leader on archviz training, with over 900 students from 80 nationalities that have attended their courses. They are the creators of Academy Days, the first international event dedicated to the Architectural Visualization Industry, which is celebrating its 10th edition this year, hosting more than 300 professionals from 40 different countries.

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