SketchUP 2014 Released

My favorite 3d modeling software has been upgraded! SketchUP 2014 hit the market today, and although the core SketchUP Pro features did not change that much, I like the fact Trimble keeps a steady update cycle with a great beta testing program. I just wish they focused on SketchUP just as much as Layout. 2013 was mainly a Layout upgrade, with 2014 they overhauled the 3d warehouse and more Layout upgrades… Trimble – Make 2015 a SketchUP Pro core upgrade only please! it is long overdue. I guess that bottom-line, the most valuable update in this release is the introduction of Ruby 2.0 for 3rd party developers.

3D Modeling & Performance

Considering almost any 3rd party plugin for SketchUP tops the added features in this release is just sad! Looking forward to see what Trimble is cooking behind the scenes (if not, then start cooking please).


New Arc tools

Now you can draw arcs using any of three different methods: the default 2-Point Arc tool lets you pick two end points and then a third that defines the “bulge.” Or, pick the center point of your arc and then pick two points on the edge, defining your arc by its angle. The Pie Arc tool works the same way but produces a wedge-shaped face.


Faster Shadows in Large models

Casting shadows is no longer something you’ll have to sacrifice when working on really big, complicated models. We dug deep into SketchUp’s shadow engine code (actual name: ShadowMaster) and found some optimization gems. Our tests on a dozen hulking, customer-derived models show an average speed improvement of 15x. Your results may vary.


In light of the above, it is great to see the upgrade to Ruby 2.0 allowing for better extensions to be made for SketchUP. Those of you interested in BIM capabilities will love the new classifier feature.


Ruby 2.0

The Ruby programming language is the syntax that makes an entire universe of SketchUp extensions possible. In this release, we’ve brought our API up to Ruby 2.0 standards, giving developers a shiny platform for creating new SketchUp tools. Our API now offers improved support for non-English characters, section plane plugins, text and dimensions tools, and more.



Enrich your model with important metadata and improve its compatibility with other building information modeling (BIM) tools. Our new Classifier tool tags geometry with industry-standard object types: walls, slabs, roofs, and hundreds more. Work with existing classification systems, or crack open a fresh TXT and create your own.

The 3D Warehouse

This seems to be the prime focus for the 2014 release.


A new look for 3D Warehouse

For SketchUp 2014, we’ve rebuilt 3D Warehouse from the ground up. The new Warehouse is easier to use than ever and a million times better looking too. Find a model of anything you need, create your own collections for organizing content, and become a model citizen by sharing your work with the world.


WebGL Viewer

Every model on the new 3D Warehouse now works with our integrated WebGL viewer. This means you can preview models in full 3D before downloading them into your own project. You can even embed 3D models on other web pages so visitors can explore projects using SketchUp’s standard navigation tools or your own pre-set scenes.


Direct model upload

With the all-new 3D Warehouse, you can upload 3D models directly from your web browser—there’s no need to open them in SketchUp first.


Increased uploaded model size limit

We’ve increased the maximum size of models you can upload and store on the 3D Warehouse by a factor of five, from 10 to 50 megabytes.


New product catalogs

With the addition of Catalogs, 3D Warehouse is now even better for finding that faucet or that washing machine. Why approximate a fixture, when you can model with the exact component you’ll end up using?

Testing 3D Model embed here with the New National Gallery model…

I’ll skip the Layout features here and if you use SketchUP Pro as your main tool for modeling – Please share with us what you think of this release in the comments section below.

You can see the full release notes on the What’s new in SketchUP 2014? page.

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  1. juanjovargas
    juanjovargas says:

    interestind, they improved so much last version, we’ll have to try this one

  2. numerobis
    numerobis says:

    I really hope for big improvements for the plugin development due to the move to Ruby 2.0. Otherwise this is another very disappointing update after 2013. I’m still on v8.  Warehouse, arcs and layout are just a big joke…
    Like you said Ronen, we need massive core improvements after these lost years of google warehouse  and layout updates. I’m still hoping for some real quads and SubD modeling in sketchup, but i don’t think we’ll see it (maybe as plugin), because it looks like Trimble is only interested in BIM and maybe selling objects through the warehouse in the future…

  3. jbacus
    jbacus says:

    ronenbekerman SU isn’t a sub-d modeler. Nor is it more likely to become one in the future than it is to become an aardvark. Why must it?

  4. jbacus
    jbacus says:

    ronenbekerman SU isn’t a quad modeler. Nor is it more likely to become one in the future than it is to become an aardvark. Why must it?

  5. jbacus
    jbacus says:

    ronenbekerman Typically, one-third of our development efforts are dedicated to performance improvements. SketchUp 2014 was no exception.

  6. ronenbekerman
    ronenbekerman says:

    jbacus I know 😉 Forget about SubD or Quads. I would love to see more add to SketchUP Pro vs. Layout for example.

  7. jbacus
    jbacus says:

    ronenbekerman Features added to LayOut answer to the needs of folks who make design drawings for a living— including all Architects.

  8. ronenbekerman
    ronenbekerman says:

    jbacus For me it feels that SketchUP Pro did not advance as fast as client demands and design needs did.

  9. ronenbekerman
    ronenbekerman says:

    jbacus And this is very good! But what about the Design Process itself? are there no big plans there too?

  10. jbacus
    jbacus says:

    ronenbekerman When was the last time a feature that made you catch your breath was added to Photoshop? Or Microsoft Word?

  11. jbacus
    jbacus says:

    ronenbekerman What is the Design Process to you? To me, it is aided mostly by simple sketching and rapid iteration. But that’s cooperunion

  12. jbacus
    jbacus says:

    ronenbekerman What features would you add to SketchUp to assist the Design Process?

  13. ronenbekerman
    ronenbekerman says:

    jbacus cooperunion You hit the nail with Rapid Iteration – this area could improve much.

  14. jbacus
    jbacus says:

    ronenbekerman Many would say that is our strong suit, compared to other popular tools in the typical architect’s toolbox 😉

  15. ronenbekerman
    ronenbekerman says:

    jbacus It is, but maybe I just need it to be faster 😉 An example could be in order.

  16. ronenbekerman
    ronenbekerman says:

    jbacus Who uses Word? but in PS – Pupet Warp and Content Aware Fill (it does go back to CS5).

  17. jbacus
    jbacus says:

    ronenbekerman ‘Fast’ is an arms race. We make SU faster enabling larger models which require SU to be faster still. And… so we dance.

  18. jbacus
    jbacus says:

    ronenbekerman Personally, I use Google Docs exclusively. Which I love for having fewer features than Word. Great for collaboration, though.

  19. ronenbekerman
    ronenbekerman says:

    jbacus Faster in terms of the user manipulating the design. It can be a small model but slow to update / iterate.

  20. jbacus
    jbacus says:

    ronenbekerman I think that supports my point- CS5 was more than a couple of years ago.

  21. jbacus
    jbacus says:

    ronenbekerman This was hard to model in SU? What version are you using, and how did you build the model? I’m sure you have a supercomputer.

  22. ronenbekerman
    ronenbekerman says:

    jbacus Now think about changing this facade on the fly? change the curve depth or the cut along the edges. not simple and fast anymore.

  23. ronenbekerman
    ronenbekerman says:

    jbacus My point is while any thing can be built with SU and I do it all the time. Iteration could be improved with new tools. Don’t you?

  24. jbacus
    jbacus says:

    ronenbekerman No- but you’re making a special case. If you want that level of surface parameterization, Rhino is a better choice, right?

  25. ronenbekerman
    ronenbekerman says:

    jbacus Why not directly inside SketchUP? While keeping the SketchUP moto 😉 I would love to know what others think of this.

  26. ronenbekerman
    ronenbekerman says:

    jbacus I see the point of this bloating SketchUP coming, but I just don’t think it will – you can make it work.

  27. jbacus
    jbacus says:

    ronenbekerman Same question, though- what tools would you add? You’ve got my ear…

  28. jbacus
    jbacus says:

    ronenbekerman The way we make it work is with Extension Warehouse. Simple SU platform, coral reef of beautiful extensions for special needs

  29. ronenbekerman
    ronenbekerman says:

    jbacus I’d love tools similar to Grasshopper on Rhino or RailClone on 3dsmax.

  30. jbacus
    jbacus says:

    ronenbekerman I figured. Such things can certainly be built as SU extensions with our API. Not everyone will want them, though, right?

  31. Macker202
    Macker202 says:

    jbacus ronenbekerman SketchUp I’d like a modifier stack. To be able to chamfer edges, then undo it to make inevitable design changes.

  32. Macker202
    Macker202 says:

    jbacus ronenbekerman SketchUp References. A proper referencing system to enable multiple people to work on different parts of a job.

  33. jbacus
    jbacus says:

    Macker202 ronenbekerman SU isn’t a parametric modeler, though it can behave in parametric ways. No modifier stack. Isn’t ‘direct’ better?

  34. Macker202
    Macker202 says:

    jbacus ronenbekerman direct is great for basic users, without doubt. Why confuse people? But what about pro users?

  35. jbacus
    jbacus says:

    Macker202 ronenbekerman SketchUp Now you’re talking. That would be really interesting. Collaboration == Better|Faster design iteration.

  36. paguthrie
    paguthrie says:

    ronenbekerman jbacus henryjpgoss dBrenders might have some ideas.. Dynamic components idea always intrigued me but was un sketchup in..

  37. jbacus
    jbacus says:

    Macker202 ronenbekerman Why do Pros need a more confusing and indirect system? Aren’t their needs greater than that?

  38. ronenbekerman
    ronenbekerman says:

    jbacus Macker202 SketchUp Yep + None Destructive editing vs “Direct” that would be the one that will make me catch my breath 😉

  39. paguthrie
    paguthrie says:

    ronenbekerman jbacus henryjpgoss dBrenders it’s implementation. Might be worth looking at itoosoft rail clone for a great visual intfce

  40. Macker202
    Macker202 says:

    jbacus ronenbekerman if such a thing could be done in a way that reacts to underlying geometry changes… YES. A dynamic chamfer would do!

  41. ronenbekerman
    ronenbekerman says:

    jbacus Macker202 A need grater than that is to be able to deliver for the client FASTER and BETTER and Direct is not good enough.

  42. jbacus
    jbacus says:

    paguthrie ronenbekerman henryjpgoss dBrenders Someone should talk to them about making a SU version, no? Would be neat!

  43. jbacus
    jbacus says:

    ronenbekerman Macker202 Delivering for the client faster and better is a given for any system we should build, right? Else, why bother?

  44. jbacus
    jbacus says:

    ronenbekerman Macker202 The question at hand, through, is through what techniques are the clients needs met faster and better?

  45. Macker202
    Macker202 says:

    jbacus ronenbekerman I’ll tell you what I struggle with… Site modelling, with levels. Very tough in SU. EASY in max…

  46. Macker202
    Macker202 says:

    jbacus ronenbekerman … I know max costs LOTS more, but without it I’d be lost on complex sites. A way of doing this would be great.

  47. ronenbekerman
    ronenbekerman says:

    jbacus Macker202 Time Saving and Real Time feedback ones. Example for a tool = Live clip / section by shape.

  48. jbacus
    jbacus says:

    ronenbekerman Macker202 SU section planes are crufty and old- could surely use an update. Clip volumes are the most common request there.

  49. ronenbekerman
    ronenbekerman says:

    jbacus Macker202 How will it work… draw a shape, assign to an object (building facade) and boom, it shows only what’s inside it.

  50. ronenbekerman
    ronenbekerman says:

    jbacus Macker202 change the shape and the object cut / section is also changing in real time.

  51. Macker202
    Macker202 says:

    jbacus ronenbekerman solid tools were a superb addition, perhaps improve on functionality. There’s no way of Boolean-ing multiple objects?

  52. jbacus
    jbacus says:

    Macker202 ronenbekerman SU isn’t really a boolean modeler, though it can pretend sometimes. Multiples can be operated on by grouping them.

  53. ronenbekerman
    ronenbekerman says:

    jbacus Macker202 Allowing a simple change in the 2d outline to reflect on the building facade right away!

  54. dBrenders
    dBrenders says:

    ronenbekerman paguthrie jbacus Which is the limits in polycounts for this new version.?

  55. dBrenders
    dBrenders says:

    ronenbekerman jbacus paguthrie This bim libraries will be optimsed in poly to be operative?

  56. dBrenders
    dBrenders says:

    ronenbekerman jbacus paguthrie or we do need to make optimisation of the hole bim objects in a real and complete architectural 3d model

  57. ronenbekerman
    ronenbekerman says:

    jbacus Macker202 paguthrie dBrenders While being able to modify (without building as new) angle of rotation, floor height, windows, etc.

  58. jbacus
    jbacus says:

    dBrenders paguthrie ronenbekerman I take as given that x64 matters for rendering. Why does x64 matter to you for SketchUp?

  59. henryjpgoss
    henryjpgoss says:

    ronenbekerman jbacus paguthrie dBrenders defo, the more modelling in SU the better.

  60. jbacus
    jbacus says:

    dBrenders paguthrie ronenbekerman Access to memory is not the bottleneck in SketchUp where ‘more geometry’ is concerned.

  61. jbacus
    jbacus says:

    dBrenders ronenbekerman paguthrie More than you need, less than you want. Also, more than SU3013. Especially with shadows enabled.

  62. Laurent_Brixius
    Laurent_Brixius says:

    ronenbekerman jbacus Macker202 My N°1 request for SU : fixing the old “clipping camera plane bug” that hinders modeling large models

  63. Laurent_Brixius
    Laurent_Brixius says:

    ronenbekerman jbacus Macker202 And N°2 : online help in French (and other translations of SU).

  64. fillieverhoeven
    fillieverhoeven says:

    @jbacus ronenbekerman SketchUp  Great to see Sketchup is on track with BIM and CAD in general. Great for architects. Almost all have skills using Sketchup.

    But I think the development team must get on track with improving the core workflow advanced users are dealing with. Today they are frustrated to an unimaginable level with bad functionality that seems to be completely overlooked or considered to be working fine by the Sketchupteam. 

    I am on OSX and for example the material panel is horrible. I can’t find any materials by name quickly or see which one is active ( hardly visible blue line around a material thumbnail). Imagine 5 materials in different shades of blue. Apart from the material panel being very slow the whole workflow texturing geometry is out of date, on OSX. 

    Although its great that SU is getting faster the workflow and UI is still from years back when we all thought the sketchy imaginary was amazing. Those days are over, sketchy lines are fine but today 3D modelers are expected to provide data for renders and engineering. Designers are expected to model alternatives in a matter of days, rendered and all. Most designers who love to work with SU see their time waisted waiting doing data input that could be done a lot faster and less frustrating in other packages. Assigning textures in Maxwell Studio takes seconds were the same work in SU seems an endless process. Creativity suffers a lot by a slow or a badly repetitive UI. 

    I do feel the need for a lot more functionality as parametrics for manipulating designs. After all, communicating design is manipulating geometry. However, looking at the basic functionality and what has been left out so far to improve the modeling workflow makes me worry. I am not talking 3D modeling efficiency but the fun of modeling and how that translates to designing and my daily work. The reason why I started using SU in the first place. I feel I am getting stuck.

    Francois Verhoeven

  65. ronenbekerman
    ronenbekerman says:

    fillieverhoeven ronenbekerman SketchUp  I can second that on the WIN version too. Now that you mention this the material / texturing panel could use some work within the SketchUP context and most definitely considering the many render engines that work from within SketchUP today. The current thumbnail system is not helping much and I think the SketchUP team should consider putting in place the groundwork for 3rd party add on’s to build on top of.

  66. fillieverhoeven
    fillieverhoeven says:

    ronenbekerman fillieverhoeven ronenbekerman SketchUp  Happy to see I am not the only one struggling with the material panel. Issues with it have been know for many years. Its either incredibly difficult to solve or the development team has little clue on how Sketchup is being used professionally.

    i feel that since I found out (years ago) I can fly with Sketchup the developer insists (for years) its just for walking. 
    Francois Verhoeven

  67. ronenbekerman
    ronenbekerman says:

    I wouldn’t go far saying they have little clue, since they had the biggest clue of all! It is an issue of evolution and I feel SketchUP fails to adapt fast enough.

  68. ronenbekerman
    ronenbekerman says:

    Switched the 3d Warehouse embed model test above to the NNG model mad for ‘The Museum’ Challenge. It is not as low poly as most of the 3d warehouse models are so seem a bit sluggish in the viewport… would love it if you give it a go too and let me know how it runs for you.

  69. fillieverhoeven
    fillieverhoeven says:

    ronenbekerman  well, they have the biggest clue of course. That’s why its so frustrating to feel they haven’t. 
    But I would like to  invite a Sketchup teammember to our office to come and have a look at how we (have to) work. And try to pass by P. Guthrie and others for a day or so to see were time is lost in the workflow. The fact that major issues are not even addressed shows that its not just a matter of lacking speed to catch up with evolution. 
    There is a distance between the users and the developers that is hard to explain but it shows in the updates. Even though I am feeling a little better under Trimble than how it was under Google.

  70. dbaird
    dbaird says:

    @jbacus dBrenderspaguthrieronenbekerman
    This is an infuriating discussion for those of us who struggle every day with the “bottleneck” of SU not being able to handle more complex geometry & size of files. If access to memory is not the bottle neck then what is?  We would all like to know. It would be great if SU 2014.2 fixed the bottleneck.

  71. dbaird
    dbaird says:

    @jbacus ronenbekermanMacker202 
    My client needs are met faster & better when SU doesn’t freeze up when doing ordinary tasks on large models. And we all know “the drill” of “How to make SU run faster”. And all of us pro users have the proper machines to run SU, but it still does the “not responding” way too often. If you know that SU is never going to be faster & better then just tell us.

  72. hutu_rebel
    hutu_rebel says:

    juanjovargas  what improvements do you mean? I have both v8 and v2013, frankly, I can’t see any difference (except maybe extension warehouse, but that was never the problem for me to begin with). Looks like I can add v2014 to that bunch, no need to upgrade at all.

  73. fillieverhoeven
    fillieverhoeven says:

    @jbacus ronenbekerman  
    Designers feel the rapid iteration of design studies is stalled and frustrated by specific UI inefficiencies and only partly by lack of modeling speed. 
    The general idea is that these inefficiencies could have been straightened out if recognized by you. Your answers make me feel you really don’t see the problems we advanced users are dealing with every hour of the day. Sketchup is far from being as developed as Photoshop. Instead of pointing to other software developers you have plenty opportunities to catch our breath.

  74. erik nord
    erik nord says:

    @jbacus ronenbekerman  PS is a much more perfected piece of software. PS hasn´t crashed ever for me. SU crashes at least once a day (SU2013). Start there when you develop.

  75. RubySketch
    RubySketch says:

    fillieverhoeven ronenbekerman SketchUp
    Hi Francois, you may like to hear I took it upon myself to
    employ 2 full time developers whom created a plugin that allows you to use
    Sketchup and have the functionality of parametrics with walls, roof, floor and
    windows, stairs and more. 
    Just to be clear the plug in is being sold in Australia yet will
    soon be available to the rest of the world shortly. 
    I hear your pain when it comes to altering models, yet I agree with
    John that Sketchup itself was created more for design freedom. Adding
    parametrics can be limiting to the traditional Sketchup user. I personally
    think it is helps my work flow as it will yours so I created it. 
    The name of the Plugin is PlusSpec. There is a 1 minute video
    that was done 12 months ago yet the functionality is higher than the video
    suggests. PlusSpec eliminates a lot of the short fall yourself and others have
    outlined. You can find it under software on the RubySketch website
    I use PlusSpec every day in conjunction with Sketchup and
    layout. I consider it to be the missing link that many of us in the design or
    build world have been seeking.  I did the following  design for a
    client in Sydney & I did it far less time than you suggest it is taking
    Creating a model such as this is a real time saver, especially
    when it comes to editing and plotting.  You can change any texture on any
    surface without opening a component and you can move windows and doors, ad
    properties, glass type, insulation actually more that I can write in this
    The models can be rendered yet I  rarely render models when
    they are at concept stage. 
    I am not familiar with your  work, as you may guess I
    mainly do residential work, yet I PlusSpec has the functionality to do
    commercial or multi residential work. The best thing about PlusSpec is it will
    attribute everything for you according to your selections at the time of
    conception. No need to make groups or components, no need to manually add
    materials and no need to cut windows into walls. It is easier than anything
    that I have ever used. It is possible to pre register and we have limited BETA
    testing licenses to issue. 
    There is a lot of good to be said about Sketchup, allowing
    people just like yourself and me to create plug ins to enhance the efficiency
    of the program makes Sketchup so much more flexible than any other 3D package
    that I am aware of.

  76. PieterjanVanMaele
    PieterjanVanMaele says:

    @jbacus dBrenderspaguthrieronenbekerman
    I want to know once and for all: what does it need to use the full RAM-memory when rendering with the V-ray plugin in SU. Is it necessary to update SU to a 64-bit platform or is a 64-bit version of the V-ray plugin sufficient? I assume not…
    I think the problem here is that the authors of SU don’t feel the need to meet the ends of a 3D artist who uses the V-ray plugin for the end-product. I wonder if there is even a bit of communication/cooperation between the two firms.

    Aside from that, my missing tools in SU are, like already said above, the  capability of modifying an existing model rapidly. It is easy to built a model in no time, but changing things afterwards are more time consuming.
    It would also be great to have components with the same geometry but with different materials. Also some strong architectural packs would be welcome: a woden floor maker, a tile maker for roofs, etc

  77. GeorgeGekas
    GeorgeGekas says:

    Hi guys,

    I have SU Pro2014 parked on my desk top, but still using 2013 because Maxwell for SU plug-in has not been updated to work with SU 2014.  In the next development stage I wonder if it would be too much to ask for coordination between SU team and plug-ins developers so there’s a smoother transition. As it is now I find it really cumbersome and time consuming (in previous upgrades I have lost some bought and paid for plugins).

    So I guess what I’m saying; why was this called an “update”. If it were a simple update to the core SU program then why do I have to now find all my licensed plugins and reinstall those, and then reset my work space attributes back to the way I prefer to work?  I apologize if my terminology is not be entirely correct and if someone could email direct that would be much appreciated. The weather here is finally getting above freezing so I’m going out to play.

       thank you!

  78. pibuz
    pibuz says:

    ronenbekerman @jbacus  
    an Architect and an ArchVIZer, and I use SketchUp every day, along with
    Indigo Renderer, since almost 10 years. I followed the growth of these
    two fantastic softwares in every step, and now I think that the most
    complex situations which need to be better handled inside SketchUp for
    me are related to some kind of “parametric reversible modeling”. Once
    you do something in SketchUp it’s like that, it’s done. If you want
    something different..well: you have to remodel it. That is good enough
    for most users, and it was for me too until I heard this could be
    enhanced 😀
    Classic case is when we are considering a facade partition:
    better with 10 rows and 8 columns, or with 15 rows and 10 columns? What
    if the grid adapts to a different shape? What if we liked better the
    previous one?
    Another case: aligning one ore more components along
    a path (…tree line?): you can do it, but then you must keep it; if
    you like better a different spacing, you have to re-do that.
    tools are not only important when working alone, but also ESSENTIAL
    when we’re sharing the designing process with many other people. That’s my point of view…

  79. sket83
    sket83 says:

    So, i read all these comments and the thing that stands out the most is that @jbacus is trying very hard to justify why is SketchUp the way it is. I got an impression that he’s even aggravated at other commenters for not liking the way things are.

    On one hand i get this. He and his team have had a dream for years of making a simple 3D modeling tool. To replace paper and pencil with a digital tool that can produce great sketches and was very easy to learn. They have done just that, and he doesn’t want it to become something it was never ment to be. I cannot blame a man for sticking to his dream.

    On the other hand, that dream vas consived over a decade ago. I’m sure Zuckerberg didn’t imagine “taking over the world” with his social network, or that Larry and Sergey knew that Google would be so much more then a web search engine. But they evolved, just like Sketchup should. They have even done it without compromising their original idea. So – can – Sketchup!

    Parametric design is something  we are definitelly interested in. But even much simpler things are missing from SU. For instance:
    – Why can’t we dock the Materials, Components and other widowns to the side of the screen in a scrollable panel?
    – Why is there no longer option to save (and load) toolbar positions?
    – Why can’t we make groups for Layers?
    – Why can’t we make groups for Materials? … (a feature i’d like to see in Vray too, btw)
    – Why is there no better UV mapping (for organic shapes)?
    – Why is there still viewport clipping in large models?
    – Why is Sketchup still not optimized for detailed models?
    – Why is it still stuck at 32bit?
    – Why must we reinstall all plugins every time a new version is released?

    (I can go on, but you get the picture)

    – And whoever chose Make for the name of the free version should go stand in the corner for 5 minutes. Now.

    The thing is, we were expecting all these features to be resolved back in V8. And yet we are in 2014 and not much has changed. We all use Sketchup because we love it and because we see great potential in it. But it seasms like the SU Team is either not able or not willing to inovate as much as we would like them to, and we get more and more disappointed with every new release.

    @jbacus, i am not ‘as pro’ as some of the other ArchViz guys here, so if my input doesn’t matter, then be it, but do take the time to talk to ronenbekerman, @dBrenders etc (have a hangout or something) and see if you guys can come up with some stuff that will benefit all of us who are into archviz, product design and so on.

  80. Solosails
    Solosails says:

    I can’t believe I’m going to have to wait three years at least to update my version of sketchup.
    Are you kidding me Trimble!? Do you want to fail because I’m not buying this useless update for the second year in a row.
    Very poor show.

  81. JasperMiddelberg
    JasperMiddelberg says:

    The future potential of Sketchup. I hope to
    revive this debate into some constructive thinking for the development of SU. My specific
    experience is in Model Organization within SU and related to this I want to
    share some ideas of how I see Sketchup become serious at BIM. I honestly don’t think
    the new classifier tool will reach potential if core organizational features, The
    Outliner & Layers in particular, don’t get a proper overhaul.

    I have made
    SU work as a design to precise detail & engineering tool and I use Outliner
    & Layers allot to organize my models. As an engineer I like to make the
    physical building sequence clear in my models. I use Numbers, Dots, CAPS and Hyphens
    to structure the building sequence inside the Outliner and Layers.  In both Outliner and Layers the naming is closely related and with some shifts in the model I need to restructure both
    manually, this can be time-consuming. With the 2013 update I had hoped for
    some basic improvements and bug fixes in this area, at least sub layers, alas.

    An ongoing
    Bug in Outliner: in Entity Info, when I click on a components name, definition
    name or layer, the component gets auto renamed allot to a previous input. I am
    even coming across instances that I see multiple renaming of groups and
    components have taken place even without me seemingly touching the Outliner or
    Entity Info. And what I miss in the Outliner: you can’t rename inside Outliner
    or drag & copy drop.

    I have been
    working on a modular building system which needed a structured naming of
    components for re-use in new models and a logical export of
    components to my hard drive. I, for example, added codes for level_location &
    type to the component name.  It worked,
    but the limited features in SU’s Layers & Outliner has been one of the
    things I got stuck with on trying to BIM / organize my models to detail… Now organization of models remains too much of a hand job and that’s why for me Sketchup is stuck on being a sketch, design & visualization tool and only fit for engineering small models and furniture. 

    I believe the key to BIM and better model
    organization for SU lies in the integration of the Outliner & Layers and the
    new classifier tool can fit in this too. In this integrated tool you can move from
    sketch to design to detailing in a flexible & evolving information structure, custom or adapted to industry standards:
    layers with sub-layers and components & groups nested inside these layers. 
    –          Layers & sub-layers can also have class tags. 
    be able to custom rearrange and auto renumber for creating the physical building
    have this numbering be a customizable part of an export naming string.

    –          Perhaps the relating of building elements to each other could become a feature of this tool too? 

    As an extra clarification I attached some screenshots and I realized
    while writing this I am just scratching the surface of this idea, so before I get
    lost in it, I am curious what you think.



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