Personal / Commissioned: Personal Project

Location: Karachi Pakistan

A southeast Asian architecture inspired residence that stands elegantly on its wood texture façade finished. Widely known, a wood finish is a very popular material that gives a pleasant appearance, but this pleasant look fades away as the sun settled.
This visualization illustrates how artificial lighting persists to show the elegance of the structure in the absence of natural light.
In this render, the warm light was used as the main color temperature of lighting. This will complement the wood finish giving a welcoming effect to the observer.
In the porch area, placing a wall scone gives high-intensity lighting defining the point of entry to the building and a downlight for the general lighting. in the building perimeter, a surface mounted downlight down grazed the facade highlighting the wood element. overall, highlighting the key elements of the structure not only maintains the elegance at night but also magnifies its appearance.