Studio: goulart3d - studio

Personal / Commissioned: Personal Project

Location: Piracicaba - SP Brazil

Charms of Brazil
Charms of Brazil is a personal project that aims to portray, with images produced with CG, clippings of the many “Brazils” that co-exist in this country.
The images aim to unite local cultures, nature, art and photography to honor and portray the relationship of the traditional people with the land they inhabit. We find respect, diversity and mystery.
The charms of those people and places, that somehow manage to resist globalization, get my attention. Surrendered to the beauty and strength of these encounters and relationships, I found in this artistic project a way to honor and also bring visibility to these fascinating cultures.
As a 3d artist it was a pleasant challenge to study and use my technical skills to compose the scenarios, angles and details of these images.
Inspired by the nature of the northeastern coast of Brazil, The Mother of the Sea is the first sequence of images from this project.
Its theme is Yemanjá, an “Iabá”, a female Orisha (Orixá, in the original language), originated from the African culture that manifests herself in nature as the force of the sea. The “mother whose children are fish” especially protects the fishermen.
As her sons use to greet her – Odoyá!

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