Studio: Terodesign

Designer / Architect: Ricco-Interno

Client: Ricco-Interno

Personal / Commissioned: Commissioned Project

Location: Moskow Russia

Terodesign Studio would like to present our most recent project called Savelovsky City Business Center Office. Our task was to produce gorgeous visualization for the IT company office design, made by Ricco-Interno studio. The combination of colors and materials in this office gives a feeling of wide space area around you, being at the same time the place where you can resolve your daily working issue and easily communicate with teammates. We enjoyed creating such kind of project and we hope to make more of those in the future, so if you have similar projects to be made – we will be delighted to help you!

Location: Moskow, Russia
Design: Ricco-Interno
3D Modeling, Lighting: Alexander Milokostov
Artdirection, Post Processing: Dmitriy Tereshchuk
Soft: 3dsmax, Coronarenderer, Photoshop
Cutout people:
September 2019

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