Personal / Commissioned: Personal Project

Location: Chicago United States

Old buildings have special atmosphere: big walls, arch windows, old floor, sometime authentic molding and other interesting elements. Shortly speaking they have “spirit of history”. We were lucky to make interior of living room in old apartment. The first incredible thing was – very high walls (5,1 m), so almost immediately we decided to divide apartment into two zones in different high levels: living room with accustomed for all us function, where you can seat in comfortable sofa or chair near the decorative fireplace and other zone – library. We created small “loggia with bookshelves”, where people can get by the wood stair and take the book. We put in this interior a lot of decoration elements: statue of Mars. Tennyson’s bust, small balarines and other. Also there are a lot of greenery, what makes living room more alive. One of the most interesting element is picture “Pop Corn” by Romina Ressia, in some kind it shows combination of old and contemporary. There are a lot of words, we can say about this project, but anyway the most important thing is that we are totally satisfied by result and hope that you will enjoy it too!

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