Designer / Architect: Duy Phan

Personal / Commissioned: Personal Project

Location: Melbourne Australia

Project: Parallel Worlds – Chapter 01
Designed & illustrated by: Duy Phan

‘Parallel Worlds’ is a concept between in and out regarding space’s interaction. The project’s idea is told by a series of images, through my understanding of how much we can challenge the bond from outside and inside, the expected change and unpredictable stubbornness. Join me with my first chapter ‘Periscope’.

‘Periscope’ is a bunker entrance situated on the boundary of land and ocean, where multiple transport methods can be accessed. If a meteoroid is not going to land down here soon then it doesn’t hurt to act as a viewing platform for curious lookers. With knowing the overall context this time, it will make more sense for stepping closer in the coming chapters.

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