Studio: Pixelverse MX

Designer / Architect: Juan Carlos Saldivar P.

Personal / Commissioned: Personal Project

Location: Mexico N/A

The image did for the 8th Fabio Palvelli Challenge, with the theme called “Traveling cities”. Well, the first idea that I had was to gather the most iconic buildings from the world, no matter where o when was built, so you can find Egyptian pyramids to some contemporary buildings like the St Mary Axe skyscraper from Norman Foster. The main story behind this image was that you can travel to the past when you were a child, and you played with your toys imagining awesome stories and cities.
I think that the hardest thing was to think about the story, and how to arrange all elements to achieve the correct focal point.
I wanted a mood of the image that would convey a forgotten place like the basement of the house, where you can find dust and some memories that maybe you have forgotten.
Resources used:
Megascans (3d Models and textures), Evermotion (3d models), (textures), 3D Collective (Luts / Textures / Hdri), Sketcfab 3d Models (Araon, Artem Goyko, Bohdan Lvov, Brandom Westlake, Adrian H, Olmopotums, Pixelgrapher, Shedmon, TooManyDemons), (Docmikeb, Kim, Printable_models, Peremersenne Sklz0) and some models from

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