Studio: DATE - 3D Architectural Visualization

Designer / Architect: Davide Tezza

Personal / Commissioned: Personal Project

Location: Milan Italy

Some pics of one of my latest concept for a bright attic to use as a music room, a little haven where you can relax, listen to music and, why not, play some music too! In addition to rearrange the whole attic floor, the project is composed of a “L” shaped black stained ash wood cabinet (with natural ash wood interiors) that has the dual purpose of storage space and acoustic insulation.

As always, we worked hard on the details: the entire structure was deliberately lifted from the floor in order to be able to insert a modular sofa or hassocks with a minimal amount of space. In addition, this cabinet integrates, in its central section, four wooden QRD sound diffusers hidden with retractable doors in order to obtain considerable acoustic benefits.