Studio: Seventy Seven Studio

Designer / Architect: David Castrillón

Client: David Castrillón

Personal / Commissioned: Commissioned Project

Location: Medellin Colombia

House 59 – Created by Seventy seven studio.

It’s our first Post here so I’ll be a bit shy when writing. 🤪🤪

This beautiful house located on the outer of Medellin- Colombia, was a great excuse to create some renderings that could show all the architectural beauty of this project.

First this project was developed at the beginning of the year. Between March and April, we mainly use Blender, Cycles, Photoshop and a lot of add-ons inside blender.

We wanted to take advantage of each render and show a little of everything, as for the renders we tried to use different lighting to check which one was more suitable and showed the house perfectly.

Going a little further into the stage of creating the render, we begin by adapting the camera a little to the client’s requirements, after that we add all the interior design and begin to adapt the lighting, after this we add textures and finally small details.

In this project I remember that we use Textures from Poliigon and Megascans, we also use models from Designconnected and 3dsky, as for the skies (Hdri) from Hdrihaven and Poliigon and the vegetation from Maxtree.

I hope and everyone likes this project created with a lot of love and always with our mentality to improve in each scene that a client has available to us.

Thank you very much, Cristian Taborda.

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