Studio: estudibasic

Personal / Commissioned: Commissioned

The aim of this project of visualization is to create a natural environment, the ideal place for installing an eco-friendly modular microarchitecture. The DROP box is a low-impact micro hotel room that can be dropped in virtually any location, with little impact on the surrounding environment.

We have created a lakeland landscape interspersed with forest and ridges, in a placid and beautiful expanse. We have imagined nature-lovers, guests that like traveling but don’t want to stay in common resorts located in common places. We have imagined a perfect place for combining water activities and nature. The perfect place for relaxing and enjoying the natural sourrondings… the perfect place to get inspired.

The scene has been completely computer-generated. The pictures represent the landscape in different seasons of the year and different times of the day. A winter landscape, a summer landscape, the sunset over the lake…

The DROP box suites, designed by In-Tenta design, are aimed at the tourism sector, hotels, camping sites, resorts … who wish to expand their accommodation with a modular option designed to be integrated in nature and allow their guests to live experiences in it.