River Bank House / Balance Associates Architects

What a remarkable house in a remarkable location! The River Bank House, designed by Balance Associates Architects, sits along Gallatin River, just outside Big Sky, Montana. I probably had to many (render) buckets than it is good for anyone… since looking at these photos I see a wonderful forest pro location under a gorgeous 2003 Dusk Blue Peter sky. Who’s not inspired to try and give it a go? especially that cloud between the peaks in the daylight photo! Steve did a great job capturing this house with his camera lens.

Photography by Steve Keating

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  1. tomglimps
    tomglimps says:

    @kodissimo @ronenbekerman & that is a realy beautiful project! One more addition to my blue & yellow moodboard via pinterest – thanks guys!

  2. anwar522
    anwar522 says:

    I Love the Blue Sky out there .. 
    Its gives an feeling that you are in the image. Really Good work 🙂
    And the Use of wood Takes it all 🙂  

  3. UmerFarooq
    UmerFarooq says:

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