Here’s something you don’t see too often anymore, even though many of us still sketch by hand here and there. I used to do that a lot but I’m guilty of slowly neglecting that part of my art ever since I picked up my first Wacom tablet. Being good at architectural visualization is all about observing the real world around you… learn from it and carry it out in your work. Stumbling upon these sketches by MATERICA D_SIGN today reminded me how valuable it is to actually sketch what you see and take the time to study it. Sketching Ginger and Fred, or even more so – that elaborate brick work facade will go a long way when it is time go all 3d about it in a later project.

It would be very interesting to see sketches like these made by you, so if you are in the habit of drawing like this and willing to share it – send it over my way and I’ll post collections from time to time on the blog.

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  1. Andreas Render Weirer
    Andreas Render Weirer says:

    maybe the next step… scanline – vray – maxwell – superphotorealisticmegacoolrussianstylishrenders – and now back to sketch…
    why not… everything repeats every 20 years (take a look at the fashion-industrie)

  2. Alain
    Alain says:

    Great Sketches !
    Before one gets his hands on a 3D Software he should learn to sketch.Good Hand-Sketchers mostly are good 3D Artists and bad 3D Artits mostly are bad Sketchers 😉
    Kind regards

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