Render vs. Photo / KUU xcoma bar

Forum newcomer, Federico, posted a very nice photo-matching work based on a photo of the xcoma bar by KUU in xian, China. Although his camera is clearly lower and farther away than the original, all other aspects of his render are done remarkably well. The general lighting is very similar and the materials too (besides the ceiling concrete, which is a bit too rough). This is a great start on the forum!

Visit Federico’s xcoma bar – xian china Forum Thread, and check out some of the real bar photos below…

More about the bar can be found at – KUU: xcoma bar via designboom

  • tomglimps

    @ronenbekerman maybe it’s personal and subjective, but i like his renders more than actual photos =p

  • TiagoAlexandrino

    Great article. We can see some differences between the photo and the CG Image, but instead of all, it continues to be a great still image 🙂

  • Great Federico! I’m so happy to see your first work here, keep it up!

    • TiagoAlexandrino

      @cepp Yes Federico deserves it, it’s a very nice image indeed!

  • xoio

    great render you did here!

    the learning in those kind of work regarding lighting and shading is immense, isn’t it? i can totally recommend doing that to everyone!

    best regards


  • lorafederico

    thanks all,

    *Lasse, I agree with you!

  • MatheusPassos

    Very good FedericoI really likeStudents are playing well ..Congratulations to the teachers of the Academy

  • serklarvel

    @Rodrivel76 vai ser chute: o da direita? É muito perfeito!

    • Rodrivel76

      @serklarvel Acertou

  • gomumi_0707

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      • gomumi_0707

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  • nikumennikumen

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    • naonaomnao

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  • jimyshaw

    Nice work! Personally I’ve always thought this a worthy exercise learning from reality and what happens in photography. It reminds me of huge debates at work I’ve had on wether this is a pointless exercise in copying and not creating anything new. But that’s not the point is it, it’s learning and honing skills so they don’t limit you when being creative.

    Good job!

    • xoio

      @jimyshaw that’s the point actually i think. learning to master your tools is so important.(if not the most important thing) i also think it is THE big misunderstanding that something “creative” must be very fancy or something that looks like something never-been-before. creativity is not about trying to re-invent the wheel.

      creating something for the reason of itself sometimes or learning purposes is just ok, i think.

      and: nobody would ever argue the creative duty of photorealistic painters’ work from the 70’s or even of photographers – who just push the button.

      i think it is pointless to discuss – which does not mean these discussions didn’t happen in my enviroment 😉

      best regards


  • brodiegeers

    @ronenbekerman thanks for highlighting that Ronen. it was a great example and I like that he shifted the camera a bit from the original

  • paguthrie

    very nicely done!

    • lorafederico

      @paguthrie I am honored to hear from you, thanks peter!

  • AndriusSkibaris

    the level of how close the photo to the render is just amazing!