Paraty House / Marcio Kogan

As previously stated, I love just about any project Marcio Kogan turns out and Paraty House is no exception… I even think that this house is his best so far. The combination of an amazing site, secluded inside a Brazilian island cove accessed by boat only, and great architectural interpretation of simple boxes, makes one of the more compelling houses I’ve seen to date.

This house is great reference for the use of concrete in all lighting conditions as well as how to nestle a subject inside a natural exotic environment.

Photography by Nelson Kon

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  1. Toktam
    Toktam says:

    Hi, All renders are very very realistic, you fell you`re there at that island :D. I love images 20 & 21 (the kitchen and the stairs).t hey are lovely!!!

    thanks for this post Ronen

  2. Toktam
    Toktam says:

    I am so sorry I was so delighted that I did not notice the sentence “Photography by Nelson Kon” anyway, the project is very nice and thank you again for sharing!!! 🙂

  3. Gavin McGinty
    Gavin McGinty says:

    Lost for words how good this is… absolutely dumbfounded at the level of this work. WTF???

    I’m giving up.

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