Dolomites House / JM Architecture

While working on a client project, looking for inspiration, I dug up this great house by JM Architecture. The Dolomites House is a great example of ‘White Supremacy’ interior with light yellowish wood floor and hidden lights spread all over to accent the design – exactly what I’m trying to recreate for my project. This house has been an inspiration to Bertrandb and hcpiter too. Each one of them has created a remarkable set of renders based on this house.

House Photographs

original post Dolomites House / JM Architecture at archdaily
Photography by Hermann Gasser, Jacopo Mascheroni

Renders by Bertrandb

Renderes by hcpiter

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  1. Ross
    Ross says:

    Wow wow wow!

    I know this post is over half a year old but is there any chance of asking for a making of to follow their workflow please? Especially as you could then compare two artist’s methods.

    Fantastic work!

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