Mies van der Rohe’s Neue Nationalgalerie 3D Model

‘The Museum’ Challenge 3d model of Mies van der Rohe’s Neue Nationalgalerie is provided for you in this post, first in SketchUP format… with more versions uploaded in the following days, as well as helpful reference material.


More resource about NNG and Mies in general

A collection of images and videos that could offer more insight about the work on the Neue Nationalgalerie and Mies works in general.

Here’s the first video out of 7 found on youtube of BBC’s Documentary in 2003 – Visions Of Space. The presenter here start with an interesting personal viewpoint of the NNG being a failure by the architect he loves and how his failure here also make him a genius.

(you can move on to the next parts from within youtube)


  • Added a 3dsmax design 2013 version by Gregor Marsolek who was kind to share it with you all 😉 Thanks Gregor!

    • badupi

       @ronenbekermanmaybe a version  in a 3ds file/dwg

    • mcel0054

       @ronenbekerman any chance for a 2012 3ds??

    • leel0u

       @ronenbekerman sorry ronen is this model only a convertion from sketchup model or is modeled only in 3dmax?

  • Added a photos folder the Judge Lasse Rode took on the NNG site 😉 Thank you Lasse!

  • Adding more photos that Benjamin Brosdau took today. Near 50 high rez photos for your use. Thanks Benjamin! 😉

  • anwar522

     @ronenbekerman It would be Sincere request if you could provide some Maxwell Tutorials . 🙂  

    • leel0u

       @anwar522 hi you may very good tutorial on next limit website

      • anwar522

        Thanks 🙂 i had got it yest from @mikedhansen Thread 🙂 Can any1 clear me Does Maxwell require a Good GPU for viewport settings ?  

        • leel0u

           @anwar522  no
          have a nvidia gt 540M on my laptop and haven’t problem

  • KrzysztofKipa

    Can someone upload it in FBX format? (2009) Would be realy great.

    •  @KrzysztofKipa You can an FBX in the box above 😉

  • Also added a C4D model courtesy of Nimrod Regev. Thanks Nimrod!

  • I want to take part in the competition, but I have so little time! And i want answer, i can do modelling&texturing at any soft, but render only with maxwell plugin?

    •  @d_a_l_g_a_t Yes 😉 You are correct. But you can also use the Maxwell Studio if you like… not just with a plugin.

      •  @ronenbekerman thanks Ronen, follow you in twitter, like your blog))can check my 😉

  • masterctrlp

    as you know it was rendered with maxwell render?, postproduction work with many other programs such as Ps, is valid?

  • CatapultingCollaborative

    Is there a Rhino base model?

  • DASH2012

    Hi Ronen, can you add me to the challenge and send the licence for the software for both Maxwell Studio and the Stand Alone FIRE plugin for sketchup.

    •  @DASH2012 Did you open your challenge thread by now? if not please do and I’ll send it over to your user email.

  • leon07

    hello ronen – just want to ask if you also can add me to the challenge…
    and how about the download link – it is just not working?
    or do i have to look for another link? are there also different models? f.e. – *.mxs
    wish you all a great weekend…

  • leon07

    just want to update – downloaded the models & pics..
    signed in at the forum – waiting for the e-mail to be added
    for the challenge…

    •  @leon07 Make sure to start your challenge thread – just say hi first. I can then send the details to your email 😉

  • JamesAdedamolaAdefuye

    Hi Ronen, I want in on the competition, How do I get started. One more thing, can I possibly get a REVIT 2012 file or version of the model. It’ll work better for me. Thanks 

    •  @JamesAdedamolaAdefuye Go ahead and start a thread here – http://www.ronenbekerman.com/forums/museum-lumion-challenge/ make sure you read the challenge info & terms first 😉

  • waelnjeh

    hi 🙂 i want to participate in this challenge , but  i can’t find the . Skp file

    • TedVitale

       @waelnjeh Did you find the Sketchup file yet? The 3ds and FBX files are bogging Sketchup down pretty well.

      •  @TedVitale  @waelnjeh I’m so used to SketchUP being my main app I did not add the SKP wording to the zip file name 😉 so the zip file without any format in its name is the SketchUP file… download it from the BOX above 😉

  • Theodosia Zorba

     @ronenbekerman Hi…I would like to know if it is avaliabme the skp file of the museum…just because i unzipped a file and imported in scetch up to make some changes and then to Lumion like a collada file but it is to heavy…109mb..any ideas??

    • @Theodosia Zorba @ronenbekerman Yes, there is an SKP file in the BOX folder above. You might want to clean it up a bit if it is too heavy for you.

  • TedVitale

    To everybody whos looking for the Sketchup file, it’s in te folder that isn’t marked with any file type. That’s where you’ll find it!

  • GabrielTamez

    Hi, I know the competition is long over but I was wondering if the model is still up for grabs? Please let me know1