Layama, the VR creation tool by MOTIVA

Get ready for the coolest thing in VR for ArchViz creators! MOTIVA released Layama today. I’ve tested it in BETA and Love it!

Layama was made to help bridge the gap between the content you already have made the way you are used to making it and having a ready-made 360 VR tour that your clients can explore on a desktop computer or mobile device in an easy way.

High-quality rendering with no need for fancy hardware running in real-time with effortless navigation.

Images (this and the top header) by The Craft.

Layama makes the process fully automated, compatible with 3dsmax supporting V-Ray and Corona Renderer, Unreal Engine and Blender supporting Cycles and EEVEE.

How does LAYAMA work?

I’m using 3dsmax + Corona Renderer. All I needed to do is :

  1. Open a pre-made scene.
  2. Add a camera where I wanted a hotspot (just create a grid). For the bedroom above I used 11 cameras.
  3. Open LAYAMA, pick the cameras and click RENDER.

That is it in a nutshell.

For the release, Layame goes for €120, rising by €1 per day until it reaches the final price of €180. Find out more and see examples on Motiva’s website.

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