Forest Pack 5 and RailClone 2.6 Released. It’s All About Speed!

iToo Software has released both Forest Pack 5 and RailClone 2.6 with a host of brand new features and fixes to improve speed, increase usability and make both plugins even more flexible. In addition to the release, iToo Software launches a whole new website, unveiling a fresh new image.

This is the first time the Spanish company is simultaneously releasing an update for both plugins, and there is an impressive list of shared features.

Highlights include support for V-Ray 3.3 with significant speed improvements of between 40 – 100% in beta tests, and new toolbars and listers to help users to create, edit and manage multiple Forest Pack and RaliClone objects from a simplified easy-to-read interface, making it easier than ever to work quickly with large scenes.

And here is everything is the following demo reel video:

That’s not all, additional features included are:

  • Get perfect edges. Edge mode is now compatible with Corona and Mental Ray, in addition to V-Ray.
  • Stay organised. New Forest Pack and RailClone toolbars with shortcuts to add Forest Pack objects, add Forest Level Of Details, open Forest Tools, open Forest Lister, add RailClone objects, open RailClone Tools and open RailClone Lister.
  • Make Forest Pack your own. Extend the plugin with new functionality, anytime, with the new Forest Effects feature. A scripting engine based on mathematical expressions that are applied to the scattered items, Forest Effects offers limitless possibilities for controlling animation, transforms, colouring, and more.
  • Organise Effects. The Forest Effects Browser allows you to quickly load and manage effects files, Forest Pack 5 ships with 12 effects including lean out, tint by boundary, scatter on displaced surface, repulsion, stepped rotation, look at with falloff and much more. New effects can be added to the library at any time or loaded directly into a Forest Pack object from a sharable file.
  • Ready to go. New and improved libraries including Mulch and Rug presets in Forest Pack 5.
    On the move. Motion blur and V-Ray velocity channels are now supported with animated proxies and meshes.
  • Organize Chaos. Clusters and Diversity now respects items with the same Colour ID.
    Add detail. Forest Pack and RailClone support VRayEdgesTex map to chamfer edges at render-time for both meshes and proxies.
  • Render anywhere. Maxwell materials added for Lawns, leaves, meadows and stone presets.
  • One-click optimisation. Forest Edge and V-Ray normal maps are now added automatically using the Material optimizer.


Everything is wrapped up in a brand new product image and website.


RailClone New

Daniel Quintero, CEO says of the release:

“Building new versions of both plugins and a new website at the same time has been a tremendous amount of work. But looking back, the effort has been worthwhile. We have high hopes that the new site will serve as a meeting point for all our clients, who want the latest news, support, tips and a thriving community for the world of scattering and parametric modelling”

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