Inkling by Wacom

When everybody Zig, you should Zag. WACOM just did that with Inkling!!! A pressure sensitive pen that will transform regular paper into a digital one, a tablet if you will. This is a mind-blowing development and so much in tune with what WACOM stands for and strives to do the best, and that is to get the most life like experience of drawing on real paper.

I was waiting on getting an iPad, hoping a better way of sketching will be introduced on it (or any other tablet for that matter). I was hoping WACOM will pick this up and they did introduce a stylus for the iPad…

but that had none of the pressure sensitivity they are so famous for and best in the market really. They were very much dependent on the tablet makers on that regard.

But even drawing on glass using a Cintiq could never be like drawing on real paper – they got it! I think the days of drawing in my Moleskin are rapidly coming back – don’t you?

Introduction to Inkling

How to use Inkling

Transferring Sketches from Inkling

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  1. WVanspranghe
    WVanspranghe says:

    Best invention sinds the wheel i would say 🙂 An amazing tool for designing. Now just try to wait a moth before we can buy it. Cant wait

  2. ronenbekerman
    ronenbekerman says:

    @WVanspranghe I never been so excited about a product ever before! I love sketching so much, but just got used to how better things are digitally on PS or Artrage which is much more sketch friendly app…

    I must have this Inkling thing and fast!

  3. ronenbekerman
    ronenbekerman says:

    @ZahirOuld-hocine Indeed, Why the hell do they announce it without it being available!!! Taht would have been the fastest purchase I would ever make 😉

  4. SimoneCarratù
    SimoneCarratù says:

    hi, i’m the only one thinking that it can be awesome to use.. directly on the screen (maybe protected by a glass).. should be good for modify drawing and …. you know like having a cintiq

  5. ronenbekerman
    ronenbekerman says:

    ù@SimoneCarratù Not sure, but I would really like to see my sketch in real-time on a screen if I like too… a wireless linkup so you can draw on paper and see it live on screen and maybe even manipulate it while you go!!! that could be really awesome – The real feel and fidelity of true paper but with the power of digital manipulation and review too.

  6. SimoneCarratù
    SimoneCarratù says:

    @ronenbekerman and the possibility of using tools like brush.. ok i don’t think this will ever happen… they will stop selling tablet.

  7. ronenbekerman
    ronenbekerman says:

    @connollydavid Livescribe looks very interesting too, although with very different focus. I don’t think pure sketching was the aim here.

  8. mattijsdebruin
    mattijsdebruin says:

    this thing almost looks too nice to be real… I’m very very curious how it works for real.

  9. connollydavid
    connollydavid says:

    @ronenbekerman No, pure sketching obviouly wasn’t the aim but technology behind motion sensor to record hand movement looks very similar…

  10. DrorBekerman
    DrorBekerman says:

    WOW, WOW and WOW!

    This looks amazing and I wonder what you could do with this 15 years ago when you were pencil sketching your way through highschool 🙂 Think about digitizing all of your sketches.

    Can’t wait to see what you will be able to do with this big bro.

  11. RobertJohn
    RobertJohn says:

    Okay, so let me win the designconnected giveaway and i will pray for you getting it as fast as possible 😀

  12. JensGehrcken
    JensGehrcken says:

    I’m not sure if that will really become a breaktrhough in sketching – maybe for vector-artists, but with no realtime feedback of the recording process you’ll never know how usable the layers are. I guess it will be niche – product or some nice tool for some of us.

    Wished to see something on a ipad or android tablet with pressure sensitivy, maybe its just a “beta” product and will be transformed into a dongle/add-on for tablets soon when computing of inputs are near realtime.

  13. AndreaSpadoni
    AndreaSpadoni says:

    It look to be a very good idea but, apart for the vectors, it’s only a portable scanner! And I really don’t know why we use digital media to mimic traditional media… I really like working with the table and photoshop or zbrush but true artist from the past didn’t use them and still made wonders!! It’s look like we can’t live without level corrections and color balance (or control+Z…). Today everyone is an artist… indeed progress is nice!

  14. nurbgurb
    nurbgurb says:

    very cool – but what I crave, with my Wacom Intuos, is the tactile feel of sketching on paper, the resistance that you dont get on plastic or glass. I actually taped paper over the intuos surface and it works quite well, but it would be great to see this type of pen solution working “live” like the intuos – being able to choose your paper type to sketch on – and of course felt tips would be excellent

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