Free Window Corner Scene for V-Ray, Corona and Octane

Johannes Lindqvist shared a cool looking window corner scene that is special in that he made it ready for V-Ray, Corona Renderer and Octane… Perfect for all of you render engine explorers out there. All made for 3dsmax and the Octane version is available for Cinema 4D as well. Enjoy it!

Visit Johannes Lindqvist Facebook Page to learn more about this project and his work.


Here are some previews…




Originally posted on the forums so head there for any questions you may have – Window corner – Free realistic scene for download

  • LedianKondi

    Trying to find what stops me from saying… WOW, GUYS.. COME AND SEE… Please some thickens to those leafs!. 🙂 GTEAT JOB THOUGH!!!

  • Filipe Vale

    damn! so epic! thanks

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    no link after +1 on G+ button! Any solution? Thanks.

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    Thank you!!

  • amazing….. thank u very much…

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    amazing details!

  • koniecznykarina

    Sth is wrong with Vray settings- final rendering is only a black image.

  • MauMiranda

    koniecznykarina Have you fixed the problem? Mine came out black too