Free Venice Loft’s Dresser by Patric Verstraete

In anticipation for SOA’s Academy Day #5 taking place this weekend, Patric Verstraete embarked on a personal project titled “The Venice Loft” which was published on the forums and awarded Best of Week 34/2014. He recently shared the full dresser model he made for this scene, ready to go with 3dsmax and V-Ray. Enjoy it!

Be sure to visit Patric’s Website to see more of his work and say Hello! –


Visit The Venice Loft Forum Thread to learn more about this project and share your thoughts.



CAM06 living01_FINAL

CAM07 DOF living02_FINAL

  • Gallystops

    Nice scene. Great site. Thanks!

  • eldoctorjoe

    ATK3D Ma-gni-fique !

  • hi, i can’t open the file, any one can help me.

  • mneha

    Hi, Download the Flash Fx Animation Pack from the above link. Its free

  • ArdBuijsen

    An OBJ file would be nice…

  • Louipe80

    It is possible to save the scene in 3ds Max 2012 please…


  • rpleal

    thanks !!!!!

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  • serdarkutlu0

    thanks !!!!!!

  • albertberne31

    How to download please? Who is the link?

  • PrinceAbid

    wow looks elegant, thanks buddy

  • Hong Hanh Le

    Many thanks!!