CABINS entry by Ronen Bekerman

It took the 3d model for a spin and picked the HERO view. Saved it to Photoshop and further developed the concept with my Wacom, adding hints for the background and some foreground details as well.

This is the last sketch I make before advancing to the 3d platform of choice and starting to test render as well.

CABINS entry by Ronen Bekerman

Developing my concept further, I took the sketch into SketchUp and translated it to a very basic 3d model that I can further play with and develop my concept with.

This stage allowed me to look at my CABINS from various angles.

CABINS entry by Ronen Bekerman

For challenge No. 7 I wanted to create a concept from start to finish as an example for the challengers and so I can use the resulted visuals to promote the challenge.

This sketch is the first one I was happy with and the starting point for the process. Good old pen & paper for this stage.

Tomorrow Challenge 2018 entry by user-00000001

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