CABINS entry by Ronen Bekerman

I decided to use Lumion as my main tool and had to figure out how I jump start my terrain based on a real location height-map.

I tuned out to be very easy. Just import a grey-scale image representing the height-map into Lumion and then keep sculpting it with the built-in tools.

I am describing this process in my Making of CABINS Part ONE and will expand on it in Part TWO.

CABINS entry by Ronen Bekerman

While still in SketchUp and aiming at using V-Ray for SketchUp as my main tools for this entry, I made a fast lighting mood test.

In this one I leveraged V-Ray for SketchUp’s Volumetric Environment feature using the Aerial Perspective option, with a few lights located below the cliff and pointing up…

This is the result I got!