Casa Gatica / Felipe Assadi and Francisca Pulido

It is amazing how architects keep reusing the dual box on box basic idea and yet make something unique with style of its own. Gatica House by Felipe Assadi and Francisca Pulido is a great example for that. This set of photos is a great reference for materials such as grass, pebbles, dark stone, concrete & wood. Not sure I like the dark interiors so much but the site and dusk photos are great.

Photography by Guy Wenborne

original post House in Melides / Pedro Reis at plataforma arquitectura

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  1. Michael Birkeland
    Michael Birkeland says:

    Is it OK to say I wish this was my house?

    Problem once you start looking at architecture like this is that there are SO many nice buildings out there. So many fantastic projects.. And you can’t own them all (or as it happens even one of them)

  2. Andrew
    Andrew says:

    Argh Ronen!

    Stop posting real photos without tell us it is not 3D! I almost get an heart attack looking at the night image with the pool on the foreground 😉

    I was like ‘this can’t be 3D!’ and yeap, thanks god, it’s not 3d… ( yet ).

    Good project by the way 😀

    • Ronen Bekerman
      Ronen Bekerman says:

      Hi Hi 🙂

      I kind of had the feeling some might get jumpy seeing these Inspiration posts in the main loop, but I decided to make them part of the usual stream of posts… It is in the Photography category (although that bit of info is small under the title)

      I wish you all to “jump” some more seeing these – It will only drive you to become better 🙂


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