Bauhaus Archiv by Bertrand Benoit

Bertrand Benoit keeps on going with his series of reconstruction of existing architecture. After tackling Salle Labrouste in Paris, France – he went for the Bauhaus Archiv in Berlin! As always, it is all modeled by him using 3dsmax and makes heavy use of iToo Software‘s Forest Pack PRO plugin for 3dsmax. Wonderful inspiration closing this week!


Bertrand on this project technical aspects :

The modeling was done in 3ds Max 2014 and the project rendered in V-Ray 3. The scene makes heavy use of Itoo’s Forest Pro scattering plugin. The main challenge here was the unwrapping and texturing of the entire building while making sure it would still look good at close range. The asset has custom, hand-painted textures on three different UV coordinate sets, with some procedural details added. A very laborious process.

After some hesitation, I decided to go for a flat, overcast look, with only a tiny bit of directional sunlight. For this, I used a couple of HDR’s but the main ones were Peter Guthrie’s 1044 Overcast Sun and 1313 Cloudy. In some images, I added my own backplates. Others use the HDR itself as background.

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You can see all of them in his blog post about this project.

More about Bauhuas Archiv

Check out the Bauhaus Archiv Website to learn what it is all about.

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  1. IsaiahInglis
    IsaiahInglis says:

    Out of jealousy, I usually scour through renders and pick them apart in my mind as to what makes them obviously CG.  I can’t do it with these.  Hate this guy :p.

  2. dubgroop
    dubgroop says:

    The idea of the Bauhaus is still alive, for example at the Architectural Association in London as an educational model. Unfortunately not on the Universities in Germany ^^ Nowadays, in Germany it is reduced to pure geometry and wrong interpretation of the Bauhaus. Great Job Bertrand !!

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