AXYZ The Modulor Competition Winners Announced

Back in May I announced a little competition as part of AXYZ’s release of The Modulor collection and i’m happy to announce the winners today!

You sure have been busy! I’m happy to say the selection wasn’t easy since there were many great looking entries. Before I announce the winners I’ll remind what the goal was.


Participants have been provided with one of The Modulor models to be used  to craft an image showcasing this model as best as possible.

The awards are as follows :

  • 1st place : The Modulor Collection + 1000 EUR in AXYZ Store Credits
  • 2nd place : The Modulor Collection + 500 EUR in AXYZ Store Credits
  • 3rd place : The Modulor Collection + 250 EUR in AXYZ Store Credits

Big thanks to all who took part in this mini-competition. 

Here we go…

1st Place – Haythem Belayouni

Haythem Belayouni - Winner

2nd Place – Patric Verstraete

3rd Place – Rohit Arora

Rohit Arora - 2nd Runner Up

Showcasing more submitted images

There has been many more images summited this time around than before, for such a mini-competition, and there have been many images each one of us liked that did not make the final cut and as mentioned in the comments – it would be great to show them, so here they are!

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  1. Ze Santos
    Ze Santos says:

    Congratulations to all the winners! It was a fun competition indeed! Hey Ronen, will there be a showcase of all the submissions?

  2. MinSadokha
    MinSadokha says:

    unbelievable result! . its simply a mediocre submission for at least two or even all of the above and it just set a low standard for archviz thats becoming more and more saturated and boring. what criteria was the winner chosen?the closer the camera to the axyz model, the likely it will be chosen?  its almost similar result to previous competition by the company a few years back . archviz is subjective i know and axyz have all the rights to promote its off the shelves 3D item.  but, there is little or less 3D complexity, narrative or storyline we can see from the mediocre images above. i almost forgot that this is an “architectural visualization blog” for a minute. another note to point is two of the image above  have been published previously elsewhere in vrayworld /other publication prior to announcement, and although they are none restrictions or rules to this, the author should reflect on how our archviz profession goes. (e.g. no publication prior to results on other international competitons and such).  this is simply dissapointing. wish you can share all the entries for the sake of comparing or learning purpose at the very least.

  3. ronenbekerman
    ronenbekerman says:

    Ze Santos You know what? Yes! While the above were selected by most votes from the judges… each one had his own favorite and I will publish these here as a gallery.

  4. NisaanUthayakumar
    NisaanUthayakumar says:

    The awesome image done by Huseyin Kezer kind of reminds me of a work done by Lucia Frascerra. 

    Nice Job

  5. SeijiAnderson
    SeijiAnderson says:

    ronenbekerman Ze Santos Is this the full gallery of entries currently shown?..

  6. MinSadokha
    MinSadokha says:

    who says its about My submision at all? my arguments is about “architectural visualization ” technicalities in general /narrative and storyline to compare to all the three winners above. u can see from a few selected above that may be visually better or more archviz related to our industry. btw, if ronen publish all perhaps you can see my work too. i am not posting it here to argue why i was nt being picked.

  7. mdebruin
    mdebruin says:

    MinSadokha as an architect and a visualiser, I really fail to see your point. Off course there are a lot of submissions better and worse than others. But I think it’s wrong to start a “discussion” on your topic in a comment sections for a sponsor mini competition. Especially in one where your submission is not showing. No pun intended!

  8. MinSadokha
    MinSadokha says:

    “especially in one where your submission is not showing…”. thanks for your kind words.

  9. mdebruin
    mdebruin says:

    MinSadokha Those are your words. I never said anything like that about you or your submission. The only thing here I think is (to use your words) “mediocre” is your argument and your attitude towards other people’s work.

  10. ronenbekerman
    ronenbekerman says:

    SeijiAnderson ronenbekerman Ze Santos Not all of them. These are images that made the first round by the judges but did not get into the final.

  11. RohitArora1
    RohitArora1 says:

    ronenbekerman Thanks for hosting the competition,and thanks to AXyz team for giving us this opportunity and creating such wonderful 3d models, i am glad you liked my work and chose it for the 3d position its a great feeling…can you tell me how do we claim the prize. 

    Thanks and regards,
    Rohit Arora

  12. leel0u
    leel0u says:

    Congratulations to all the winners! nice works
    Ronen thanks opportunity.
    It will be possible for everyone to view the work of all participants somewhere?

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