A Podcast is Born!

8 years ago today, the blog was born! Today I’m celebrating the blog birthday with a new podcast launch… Say hello to The SpectRoom!

So, what is The SpectRoom?

It is an idea that jumped into my mind nearly three years ago and finally becomes a reality today.

The SpectRoom is a weekly experiment. Yours truly, exploring the creative minds of architectural visualization. Finding out what makes us all tick and push our limits. I’m always curious about what it is we do, how one goes about doing his work and why is he doing it in the first place! This podcast is an interview show, trying to find out the why, the how and the what of each of my guests.

Big thanks to Gianpiero Monopoli & Roberto De Rose from the State of Art Academy… You’ll know why hearing session ZERO 😉

Visit The SpectRoom and let’s begin this journey!

Who’s on the show already?

There will be five sessions up today and you’ll be able to hear my interviews with :

  • Mats Andersen & Trond Greve – MIR
  • Juraj Talcik – Talčík&Demovičová
  • Christiaan Klaassen – DBOX
  • Pedro Fernandes – Arqui9
  • David Bullock, John Hodgkins & Luis Inciarte – Hayas Davidson
  • John Sellings & Silvia Tossici – Squint Opera
  • Victor Bonafonte & Eva Bonafonte – Beauty and The Bit
  • Johannes König & Christian Zöllner – Bloom Images
  • Teddy Bergsman – Quixel / Megascans
  • Paul Nichols – Factory Fifteen
  • Frederic Kohler & Nicolas Liatti – Allegorithmic
  • Andreas Landgren – Tomorrow
  • Timothy Hoffman – Double Negative
  • Ondřej Karlík, Adam Hotovỳ, & Jaroslav Křivánek – Render Legion
  • Panos Ioannou & Gamma Basra – Foster + Partners
  • Peter Guthrie & Henry Goss – The Boundary
  • Alex York and Iain Banks – Recent Spaces

Subscribe on iTunes.

You can also subscribe and listen on Stitcher and I highly recommend using the Overcast app as the player of choice on your mobile device. It has the best show notes support directly inside the app.

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  1. Diego Velazquez
    Diego Velazquez says:

    Ronen this is great news! Congratulations!

    Started following the podcast in Overcast, I would recommend using an email subscribers list (or maybe I missed it in the main page but the only button I found took me straight away to iTunes page, aggghhh, some of us don’t like getting close to Apple products including iTunes :@ just kidding) but seriously its a suggestion you could check.

    I’m really excited about this podcast idea, congratulations again!

      • Johnross Dhliwayo
        Johnross Dhliwayo says:

        ah yes , awsome!, thanks a lot , i like listening to podcasts off youtube so i get notifications on my desktop on when ever you post up new content. It is really great to hear the stories of the people you interview, soo relatable. I have subscribed ! 😀

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