25 Free 3D Furniture Model by ODESD2

It is great to see design studios offer 3d models of their items like Ukrainian based Design Bureau ODESD2 did a week ago with their entire furniture line of 25 items! They kindly share MAX and OBJ formats along with textures as well as 2d blueprints so that anyone can use them in their projects and visualizations. Enjoy this and make sure you follow them!



Visit ODESD2 Website and make sure you follow the ODESD2 Behance Portfolio to learn more about them and their furniture (and other) design work.

Here here several renders of their items in place gathered from their portfolio which you can start browsing here.

  • Carol Pestitschek

    Cleberson Bazotti

  • Carlos Jacquet

    Felipe Breion RENDER 3D

  • MauZr AriAs LavaDenz


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    Wuaaaaauuuu  …………Exelentes Modelos, Muy sofisticados y de buen gusto …….. Es Una pena no Poder utilizarlos ya Que USO …….SketchUp …… Gracias Gracias Gracias por compartir y educarnos como futuros profesionales con herramientas, intrucciones tecnicas y la mas importante ,a ser solidarios unos con otros, en este fabuloso mundo del Diseño.Como siempre digo this Site es Genial  :)…..Abrasossss a todos ustedes desde ARgentina…BsAs.

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