200 Free 2D Cutout People by Case3D

As I always say – You can never have enough 2d people! And today I’m hosting & sharing Case3D’s 200 Free 2D Cutout People pack for all of you to download and use. Enjoy!

The 2022 ArchViz Black Friday Special!

Check out many 2d Cutouts deals on the promo website.

Download directly from this link and also visit Case3D’s dedicated page for this pack to subscribe for news about more later on.

This 200 Free 2D Cutout People pack is pretty cool considering all of the cutouts come with a pre-made shadow layer for you… see some examples below.



More groups…


And singles as well…


Hope you put this pack to good use!

Download the 2D Cutout People – here.



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  1. Sam Marriott
    Sam Marriott says:

    That is a little mad, using 1% of my harddrive just to store people cutouts. I’m planning to download and batch compress in photoshop, wish me luck!

  2. Steve Kerry
    Steve Kerry says:

    I’ve got several TB to spare, but I can’t figure out how 200 images needs 5GB. I may as well install 3D people!

  3. Vefa Erdem
    Vefa Erdem says:

    Downloaded 2 times, getting corrupt file (unexpexted end of data) error both on winrar and 7zip. Probably due to a connection problem. 7zip however extracts the most of the files. No idea which individual files are missing.

  4. Johnny Pro
    Johnny Pro says:

    …do those people know their photos are published here? I guess another package of ‘2d people’  for amateurs only…

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