The Mill by Chris Kowal

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The Mill is a conceptual design project, done by Vancouver based 3D Artist Chris Kowal, to showcase MP Lighting‘s LED lights. Chris started his WIP thread about this project on the forums back in July 2011 and kept updating us about his progress. Yesterday the work was finally published in the form of an interactive website, best viewed on a tablet device and designed with the sales team of MP Lighting in mind offering them a portable tool to help their clients visualize lighting designs. All the work (design, modeling, texturing, lighting and rendering) was done by Chris except the coding of the site.

There is much more to see in The Mill Flickr set for this project and on The Mill Project dedicated Website… MP Story – Mill Project. Make sure you explore it… on an iPad or other tablet if you have it icon wink The Mill by Chris Kowal

Here is how the Map Overview section looks like…

the mill map theater 728x345 The Mill by Chris Kowal

Here are Chris’s images that he made in the Mill Project.

Check out “The Mill” Finished forum thread – The Mill Project (Finished)
Check out “The Mill” WIP forum thread – The Mill (WIP)

Chris also contributed a great tutorial to this blog – 3D Ground Cover Modeling in 3d Studio Max


 @xoio  Thanks, I will be expanding on this in a later article, but I feel the context / platform is uncharted territoryin a sence. The 3D Vis industry is so young, coupled with tablet platforms...... I'm really amped about the possibilities.


there are no words to describe how much work you had put into this project. i was following your progress in WIP section. the final result is outstanding. congratulations!


wow! first i thought: ok, nice renders - but after visiting the website i am stunned. the whole framing and presentation is very good - and is taking the next step: giving your renders the context they are meant to be in. actually that is what happens with visualizations in general: they are put in context and layout to visualize a certain idea. that we are seeing the whole monty from a single hand here is unusual but something that reminds me at least of the very issue of our job: the communication of architecture, space or an idea. sorry for the pathos :) regards Lasse


Took you a long time.. But I like some of the images you made specially exterior shots :) Congrats :) I visited the site :) I like Light ON/OFF thing ;)

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