Alfferes House by Hugo Ferreira & Pedro Teixeira

This was a three part project with three different projects in the same terrain.
It was a slim terrain in Oporto, Portugal that connects Alferes Malheiro Street and Almada Street.
This is our 3D project for one the houses.

The architecture was based on rehabilitation and on keeping the details of classic Oporto downtown Architecture.

It was a challenge for us, as it implied that we had to make all the three projects at the same time with a short deadline, so that the client could be able to promote the images on the real estate company.

Bohemian Room by Colin Langley

This project started off with me wanting to do a very industrial render, with concrete and the usual steel structures and decay but it went in the opposite direction. I started thinking about how i could make an interior that did not have to overtly masculine feeling and I tried to soften it up a bit with a play on color and also different materials not usually associated with the industrial aesthetic.