Happy Blog 3rd Birthday!

August 15, 2012 |  by  |  News

Today marks the 3rd year for this blog being on the air! And I have all of you to say thank you for being part of this… Time does fly when you’re having fun! The blog kept growing in the past year and I plan to keep the momentum going strong. I hope I can celebrate many more such birthdays for this blog and keep providing you all the best place to find information, share & learn about Architectural Visualization.

I owe a big thank you to you all, my readers, followers & sponsors! Without you this wouldn’t be possible… so once again I thought I should give back a little too during the next 2+ weeks.

The Giveaways

There will be 4-5 Giveaways during the month of August entering September! You’ll have to follow me on Twitter or Facebook to get a heads up about what is coming up and when, or just keep visiting the blog for updates – I figure it is more fun and exciting this way, don’t you?

the museum challenge preview 001 528x405 Happy Blog 3rd Birthday!

The Museum / Maxwell Render Challenge

The Museum Maxwell Render Challenge will end today after 2+ months of great work by the challengers who are busy right now finishing up their entries and uploading them up! Visit the challenge thread to see what is going on right now…

The Museum / Lumion Challenge

The Real-Time Lumion version of ‘The Museum’ Challenge is also scheduled to kick-start today featuring a pretty cool Cash Prize for first place and more. This should be a unique followup to the unbiased maxwell render work that was done in the challenge that ended today… with motion too!

This challenge will run on the forums too, but it will also be time for the new site Lumionautics to get some much needed love (it is also rather slow loading currently). make sure to signup to get notified once it shifts gears and goes into the nest stage.

launch fb nonefan graphics 003  528x423 Happy Blog 3rd Birthday!

That is all for now. Thanks again for following and sending me your feedback! And Happy Birthday Month to you all icon wink Happy Blog 3rd Birthday!


Congratulations!May you live and prosper for many years ahead.


Happy Birthday Ronen !



what an achievement in 3 years m8!

keep up the good work :-)


Happy Birthday! Congrats to one of the best cgi blogs!


Happy birthday Ronen, I have a gift for you here ;) see ya


Happy birthday my Favorite Blog, and big thanks to you Ronen!! 


Happy Birthday, thank you so much for your great blog I check it every day, it is an essential part of my learning :-)


Happy first 3! Looking forward to many more to come!


congrats Ronen and "happy b-day" :) you are doing GREAT! job.

Tolgahan like.author.displayName 1 Like

congratss..Best cg blog ever.

plumber like.author.displayName 1 Like

Great blog, thank You for your time, work and shareing knowledge and experience. Best wishes.

anwar522 like.author.displayName 1 Like

Congrats Ronen for the 3rd Bday of your blog :) I have been following you from 1yr everyday and really i have learned lot from all the Active members , Forum works , Making offs which i din find useful in other websites :) Hope to be a part of this in future too .:) 

ubermatik like.author.displayName 1 Like

Congratulations! What an exciting 3 years it's been - thanks for all the hard work and effort you put into the blog, especially the tutorials and freebies you provide for learners like me! Keep up the good work and godspeed for the future! I'll continue to follow this wonderful blog!

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